Bobservation No. 18

Mini_trafficTraffic Problems…

I understand that there have been recent occurrences of minor gridlock in the Street and that the parking problem has become of more and more concern to villagers. So the Parish Council, after discussions with Highways at West Sussex County Council, has agreed that the ’backway’ will be refurbished, asphalted and form the east to west section of a one-way system in Fulking.

The Street will form the west to east section. This will necessitate the compulsory purchase of land at the southern end of properties that abut the ‘backway’.

To obviate the need to negotiate the value of such land it has been mutually agreed that a standard sum in compensation of £50 be paid to the freeholder of each of the properties involved. It is expected that work will commence at the beginning of August and completion is anticipated by January 2017. Due to the Government Austerity Programme, the cost of the work involved will be shouldered by Council Tax bands D to F over a five-year period.

Clappers Lane reprofiling reprofiled

5-13 Clappers Lane Fulking
MSDC have advised that the large bank outside 5 to 13 Clappers Lane is about to be ‘reprofiled’, i.e., the level reduced to the same height as the footpath and graded down to the road. It will then be turfed. This is because of erosion and earth falling into the road, a problem that I first reported a year ago. The work will start on Monday 2nd November Friday 6th November and last for up to 3 days 5 weekdays. Access to Clappers Lane from the village will be severely limited during working hours between about 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Linda Dyos

Updated: November 3rd.

WSCC dating website

WSCC dating website

West Sussex County Council runs a dating website, which enables members of the public to meet, and perhaps even marry, council employees. Council employees have secure employment, reasonable salaries, comfortable pensions and better than average looks which makes them a sensible choice in the mating market.

Er, no, not exactly. At least one of those claims is as misleading as the name of the website. The purpose of the latter is altogether more prosaic. But useful, nonetheless. Check our new reference page, ‘Potholes, etc.‘, under the ‘The Environment’ menu near the bottom of the left sidebar.