Parish Council Meeting

Dear Residents, 

You are cordially invited to an Ordinary Meeting of Fulking Parish Council, at the Village Hall on Thursday 4th April 2019 at 7.30pm, the meeting will consider the items set out below. 

Following the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, and with regard to regulations on Access to Local Government Meetings, members of the public are advised that they have a right to film/record the meetings of Fulking Parish Council. Members of the public are also advised that by attending a meeting of Fulking Parish Council, they give their consent to being filmed/recorded by other members of the public, if such activity is taking place.

Trevor Parsons Parish Clerk 


Public Participation: There will be a period of 15 minutes set aside at the beginning of the meeting for the public to ask questions or make comments on items on the Agenda. Comments on items not appearing on the agenda can be made at the chairman’s discretion.  

  1. Apologies for Absence. 
  2. Declaration of Members’ Interests. 
  3. Approve the Minutes of the Extraordinary Council Planning Meeting of 18th March 2019:  The minutes, subject to any amendments, to be approved and signed as a true record of the meeting. 
  4. Planning Applications Update. 
  5. Reports from District and County Councillors.   
  6. Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions:  To clarify and report on actions brought forward from the last meeting.  
  7. Approval of Procedures Review 
  8. Elections Update 
  9. Reports from Outside Bodies 
  10. Information Items.  To receive information and items for the agenda at future meetings. 
  11. Correspondence.  To discuss correspondence and respond to correspondence received. 
  12. Financial Matters: To receive the report on the Council’s income and to approve future expenditure. 

Date of Annual General Meeting of the Council and Annual Parish Meeting: Thursday 15th May 2019 

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 11th July 2019 

Both to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm. 

Saddlescombe Farm

Feeding lambs

Lambing Open Days — 30th and 31st March plus 6th and 7th April 2019, 10:00am–4:00pm. No need to book — just turn up.

Please join us on our working family farm for our annual lambing open days. We open the farm gates for visitors to see us at our busiest time and share with us the hustle and bustle of our farmyard during lambing. Visitors will see newborn lambs and maybe a lamb being born, an amazing experience. We are keen to share the respect and care we give our sheep and the vital role they play in managing the precious species rich chalk downland on the South Downs. Other highlights include bale climbing, pigs, tractor and trailer rides (weather permitting), BBQ, and vegetarian food from the Wildflour Cafe.

Green bins

Green bins
If you have already subscribed then the direct debit will roll over until death. But if you are new to the village, or have finally decided that your carefully curated botanical collection (giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed, New Zealand pigmyweed, rhododendron ponticum, spear thistle and ragwort) has become too large, then you may want to click the MSDC advert above and give them your money.

Parish Council Elections

Parish Council Poster

Substantially revised at 2:15pm 17th March

Bob has already explained where your duty lies. Note that there’s only a couple of weeks from the official announcement to the close of nominations (18th March to 3rd April) and the nominations have to be delivered by hand to the Returning Officer at MSDC in Haywards Heath.

Click the image for the single page flyer. But, if you really want to know all about local councils, then click here (eleven page PDF).

If you plan a nomination, or a proxy vote, then you need to read the Notice of Election sooner rather than later!