Ordinary Meeting held 17th January 2019

Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council held at 7:30pm on  

Thursday 17th January 2019 at The Village Hall, Fulking 



Chairman:                                    Cllr Firth 

Fulking Parish Council (FPC)     Cllrs Hind, Dyos and Healy 

West Sussex County Council    Cllr Dennis 

Parish Clerk:                                Trevor Parsons 

Members of the Public              There were four members of the public present 

Members of the public were invited of ask questions and make comments prior to the meeting however none were raised. 

1.Apologies for Absence. 

Cllr Trist (FPC), Cllrs Wilkinson and Watts-Williams (MSDC) 

2. Declaration of Members’ Interests. 

There were no declarations of interest. 

3. Approve the Minutes of the Council Meeting of 11th October 2018 and the  

    Planning Meetings of 13th December 2018 and 3rd January 2019. 

Approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record. 

  1. Planning Applications Update. 

For the period since October 12th 2018 until January 17th 2019 




FPC Date 

FPC Decision                   

SDNP Decision 









Erection of a 2 storey rear extension. 


Unanimous Support   


Approved 19/11/18 



Glazed link and extension of out-building 


Unanimous Objection 




Erection of Dwelling 


Unanimous Objection 


Refused 17/05/18 

Appeal Dismissed 




Erection of Dwelling 


Unanimous Objection 


Refused 07/02/18 

Appeal Dismissed 



Seasons Farm 

Agricultural barn 


Unanimous Approval 


Raise No Objection 



In Progress 







Market Gardens 

Material change of use of land for stationing of caravans 


Unanimous Objection 


Scheduled for SDNPA Planning Committee 14/02/19 


 4. Reports from District and County Councillors. 

Cllr Joy Dennis (WSCC) addressed the meeting with following updates: 

Mayfield Proposed New Town Site between Henfield and Albourne – WSCC, MDSC and Horsham DC are aware of this application and remain opposed to the development. Cllr Dennis advised this was one of three proposed sites in West Sussex the others being near Pulborough and near Ifield. She understands other sites have be proposed near Oxford and Cambridge. 

Speed Indication Device (SID) – Is currently stored at Hurstpierpoint and is available to FPC. The Council requested use of SID around Easter time and traffic levels increase. 

Operation Watershed – Cllr Dennis advised that FPC application for £13,529.03 has been successful and that further funding is available and suggests FPC approach Richard Speller of WSCC to visit and make recommendations. 

Gatwick Consultation – WSCC & MSDC view of the expansion to two runways remains unchanged that they do not support the expansion, the primary reason being lack of infrastructure. 

Haywards Heath Sixth Form College – Chichester College has successfully tendered to run the facility with academic and apprenticeship courses starting in September 2021. 

Gigabyte – Business Rate retention scheme has release funding of £19m towards upgrading broadband in Mid Sussex, the plan being to install high-speed internet along the rail line and then spur out to the villages. 

Accounts – Both WSCC and MSDC accounts are in good shape, however whilst revenue remains at similar levels there is a rising number of complex needs and an aging population which demands further funding.

5. Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions:  

Yellow Lines, no correspondence received yet from Richard Speller. 

Request for car parking for Clappers Lane residents at PNCC has been declined. 

Dark Night Skies, Chairman to follow up. 

Elections. Clerk to attend an elections briefing on 24th January and will revert. 

Ram Pump sign, Chairman and Clerk to submit wording and pictures to SDNPA for draft design 

APM – Chairman to invite the new vicar of Holy Trinity Church Poynings to address the meeting 

HGV Sign – Clerk to contact Richard Speller regarding the replacement sign. 

 6. Winter Plan 

Has been updated by Cllr Hind and posted on fulking.net website. Formal adoption proposed by Chairman, seconded by Cllr Dyos and carried unanimously.   

 7. Operation Watershed Update 

Clerk has received an email advising that our application for £13,529 funding for new piped culverts and ditch work to drain floodwaters at Clappers Lane has been recommended for approval and awaits final confirmation. Clerk to then obtain the relevant access permissions from affected landowners.  

Clerk to contact Richard Speller to arrange meeting to review opportunities for further OW funding.  

 8. Village Hall Lease Update 

Dialogue between FPC, our solicitors Surrey Hills, the PCC and Diocese of Chichester are continuing. Still a long way to go. A budget of £1,500 towards FPC costs was agreed at the previous meeting. 

9. Reports from Outside Bodies

Village Hall AGM scheduled for Thursday 7th February. 

Annual Summer Fayre plans are taking shape  

 9. Information Items.   

No information items 

10. 2019 – 2020 Precept and Financial Matters 

Councillors reviewed the spending so far for 2018/2019 and the planning spending to end of the financial year which is in line with expectations. With all councillors having access to Barclays Online Banking, real time access can be obtained of current balances. 

Payments debited from Fulking Parish Council current account at Barclays Bank 50052760 issued from 11th October 2018 to 18th December 2018 agreed at Parish Council meeting 17th January 2019 were: 

  Date                                Description                                     Method             Amount  

  11th October 2018      Clerk’s Pay                              OLB (MF & MH)        £967.51 

  15th October 2018      Payroll Services                     Direct Debit               £ 26.70 

  23rd October 2018      E.On Electric                          Direct Debit               £ 54.58 

  16th November 2018   Moore Stephens AGAR       OLB (MF & MH)        £296.88 

  22nd November 2018  Surrey Hills Solicitors          OLB (MF & MH)        £309.60 

  18th December 2018   Surrey Hills Solicitors          OLB (MF & MH)          £165.60 

  18th December 2018   Clerks Pay                             OLB (MF & MH)         £967.51


As at 31st December 2018, the Current Account balance was £7,598.73, the Savings Account £10,415.  

No income was received in this period. 

 The clerk presented the budget for 2019 / 2020 and proposed a 2.5% increase in precept to £8,950   bearing in mind the additional expenditure of the village hall once the new lease is agreed, planned improvements to NTF and potential cost to the Council of white / yellow lines.  


Increase proposed by Chairman, seconded by Cllr Hind and carried unanimously.

11. Correspondence.   

No correspondence received. 


The meeting closed at 9:15pm 


Date of Annual General Meeting of the Council and Annual Parish Meeting: Thursday 9th May 2019 

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 11th April 2019. Both to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm. 


Agenda Ordinary Parish Meeting 17th January 2019

You are cordially invited to an Ordinary Meeting of Fulking Parish Council, at the Village Hall on Thursday 17th January at 7.30pm, the meeting will consider the items set out below. 

 Following the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, and with regard to regulations on Access to Local Government Meetings, members of the public are advised that they have a right to film/record the meetings of Fulking Parish Council. Members of the public are also advised that by attending a meeting of Fulking Parish Council, they give their consent to being filmed/recorded by other members of the public, if such activity is taking place. 

 Trevor Parsons – Parish Clerk 


Public Participation: There will be a period of 15 minutes set aside at the beginning of the meeting for the public to ask questions or make comments on items on the Agenda. Comments on items not appearing on the agenda can be made at the chairman’s discretion. 

  1. Apologies for Absence. 
  1. Declaration of Members’ Interests. 
  1. Approve the Minutes* of the Council Meeting of 11th October 2018 and the Planning Meetings of 13th December 2018 and 3rd January 2019:  The minutes, subject to any amendments, to be approved and signed as a true record of the meeting. 
  1. Planning Applications Update. 
  1. Reports from District and County Councillors.   
  1. Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions:  To clarify and report on actions brought forward from the last meeting.  
  1. Winter Plan 
  1. Operation Watershed Update 
  1. Village Hall Lease Update 
  1. Reports from Outside Bodies 
  1. Information Items.  To receive information and items for the agenda at future meetings. 
  1. 2019 – 2020 Precept 
  1. Correspondence.  To discuss correspondence and respond to correspondence received. 
  1. Financial Matters: To receive the report on the Council’s income and to approve future expenditure. 

Date of Annual General Meeting of the Council and Annual Parish Meeting: Thursday 9th May 2019 

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 11th April 2019 

Both to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm. 

Planning Meeting – 3rd January 2019

Minutes of the Fulking Parish Council Planning Meeting held in the Village Hall, Fulking on Thursday 3rd January 2019 at 7pm

Chairman: Cllr Firth
Councillors: Cllrs Hind, Dyos and Healy
Clerk: Trevor Parsons

Apologies: Cllr Trist

No members of the public were present

There were no declarations of interest

Meeting opened at 7.05pm

Prior to the meeting, there were no requests by members of the public to speak.

The following matter was discussed:

Reference: SDNP/18/06182/APNB

Property: Seasons Farm Clappers Lane Fulking BN5 9NH

Proposal: Agricultural barn to store hay and farm equipment
It was noted that:

The proposal was reviewed on the basis that this is a replacement barn rather than an additional barn, as per site plan 1082822.

The resulting vote on this application was unanimously POSITIVE

The meeting closed at 7:27pm

Operation Watershed

Chichester ObserverFulking (alone) has secured nearly 8% of this amount:

Fulking Parish Council, £13,529.03 to install new piped culverts and ditch work in Clappers Lane to increase capacity and allow surface water to drain.

Also of local interest:

.. more than £29,000 for Albourne Parish Council for ditch and gully work on Henfield Road, near Oak Vale Cottages, which is prone to flooding.

Planning Meeting – Seasons Farm


You are cordially invited to a planning meeting to be held in The Village Hall on Thursday 3rd January 2019 at 7pm to consider the following application

Reference: SDNP/18/06182/APNB
Property: Seasons Farm Clappers Lane Fulking BN5 9NH
Proposal: Agricultural barn to store hay and farm equipment

Members of the public and press are invited to attend.

Members of the public are entitled to speak at the meeting for two minutes by prior appointment with the clerk. No more than two speakers are permitted in favour of the proposal, and two against.

Trevor Parsons
Clerk, Fulking Parish Council

17 Ockley Way, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 8NE
Tel: 07767 422733  parishclerk@fulking.net

Minutes of Planning Meeting held 13th December 2018




Minutes of the Fulking Parish Council Planning Meeting held in the Village Hall, Fulking on Thursday 13th December 2018 at 7pm. 

Present: Chairman Councillor Firth, Cllrs Hind, Healy and Dyos. Clerk, Trevor Parsons 

Apologies: Cllr Trist (FPC) and Cllr Wilkinson (MSDC) 


There were eight members of the public plus Councillor Trumble from MSDC present. They were given an opportunity to comment on the application ahead of the start of the meeting.  


Declaration of interest: None 

Meeting opened at 7pm. 


The following matter was discussed. SDNP/18/05963/FUL Market Gardens – Material change of use of land for stationing of caravans for residential occupation with facilitating development (hard standing) 

It was noted that SDNPA Development manager stated that he “will recommend that this application is placed before Committee…”. (email 3/12/19) 

The Council concluded the following:  


It was noted from feedback to councillors that the majority of residents of Fulking object to this application and that was reflected in the views expressed by members of the public attending the planning meeting.  

Errors in the application: 

  1. The council learned at this meeting that adjacent residents had not been informed of this application, as is the normal practice.  
  1. The document headed “Landscape Assessment” does not refer to this application.  

These errors may invalidate the application. 

Inspectors Assessment 

In the Planning Inspectorate’s Appeal Decision of 22February 2016 (Land to the East of Market Gardens – Conifers) – Section 16 – The Inspector said “if this appeal were allowed, there would be 3 gypsy plots. This clearly represents a consolidation of development in this area and is therefore harmful to the nucleated character of the village and by extension to the character and scenic beauty of this part of the National Park.”  


Since 2016 one additional gypsy plot has been agreed by SDNPA and approval of this application for 2 further plots would double the development of this site significantly harming the character and scenic beauty of the National Park. 

The Planning Inspector also said in Section 21 “Local residents were also very concerned about the precedent effect…..It was pointed out the village has a population of only about 100 people and if this appeal were to be allowed about 10% would be gypsies. I have considerable sympathy with the residents’ fears. From their point of view they opposed the Market Garden application and were ignored, they have opposed this appeal, and if this is allowed will feel they were ignored again….. In my view three gypsy plots comes close to but does not dominate the settled community, and that argument becomes stronger with further applications as would the issue of the impact of any more development on the village and on the National Park.” 

If this application is approved there will be six gypsy plots (12 caravans + Amenity Blocks) dominating the settled community of this small South Downs hamlet, totally ignoring yet again the legitimate views of the settled community and encouraging even more speculative caravan site development in this National Park. 

This would be a significant development in any area. However, located in a small hamlet so visible from one of the busiest spots in the South Downs National Park, Fulking Parish Council cannot see how approval of this application, which would consolidate the unplanned and nonstrategic development of a 12 caravan site (+ amenity Blocks) can possibly be SDNPA achieving the Purposes and Duty they are set by the Government.

These are: 

Purpose 1: To conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area. 

Purpose 2: To promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the National Park by the public 

Duty: To seek to foster the social and economic wellbeing of the local communities within the National Park in pursuit of our purposes. 

Conflicts with Mid Sussex DC Plan 2004 (the only currently valid plan for the Fulking area) 

Policy H14 (a) Countryside impact – It is generally accepted this application is (and past applications are) damaging to the park, but this has often been overruled on ‘technical/legal’ grounds. 
Although planned to be screened, this site is widely visible – more so that the one to the north (pictures available) to thousands of visitors to the Devils Dyke, Fulking Escarpment and the South Downs Way – the site is 400m from the escarpment and 150m below it. The 2016 Planning Inspectors report stated – “As one walks along the escarpment the angle of view changes and the brightly painted mobile home at Market Garden can be clearly seen”. 

Policy H14 (e) Local Need – At the time of the last application SDNP/17/03762/CND, it was noted that for both Mid Sussex* and SDNPA** there was now no outstanding local need for sites. In addition, it is understood that space is available for rent in the site at Small Dole.  
* Mid Sussex Gypsy and Traveller Assessment 2016 
** South Downs National Park Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople background Paper (2016) 

Conflicts with South Downs local Plan: Pre-submission version September 2017 

Policy SD33 Alternative available pitch which could be used in the locality – we understand that local pitches are available in Small Dole (see above) 

Policy SD33 Over-concentrated or disproportionate in size to nearby communities – The inspectors report (see above) explained that this application would be disproportionate in size to the local community. 

Policy SD33 Capable of being provided with infrastructure – the council with WSCC has spent and continues to spend tens of thousands of pounds to improve drainage in this area after recent flooding threatened adjacent properties which is at least partly due to the reduced run-off and increased hardstanding from these sites. This will only get worse with a new site. 



The resulting vote on this application was to UNANIMOUSLY OBJECT 

The meeting closed at 8:05pm 



Signed ……………………………………………………………….        


CHAIRMAN ………..Miles Firth…………………… 

Planning Meeting – 13th December 2018

Fulking Parish Council – Planning Meeting

You are invited to attend a planning meeting of the Fulking Parish Council at 7.00pm, on Thursday 13th December 2018 at the Village Hall, The Street, Fulking, where the following business will be discussed:

Market Gardens Caravan Site
Clappers Lane, Fulking, West Sussex BN5 9NH

Material change of use of land for stationing of caravans for residential occupation with facilitating development (hard standing)
Reference: SDNP/18/05963/FUL

Members of the Press & Public are welcome to attend.
By prior appointment with the Parish Clerk, a maximum of 2 people may speak for up to five minutes each in favour, and a maximum of 2 people may also speak for up to five minutes each against the application.

Trevor Parsons
Parish Clerk, Fulking
10th December 2018

01273 846310, 17 Ockley Way, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 8NE

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 11th October 2018

Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council held at 7:30pm on Thursday 11th October 2018  at The Village Hall, Fulking


Chairman:                              Cllr Firth
Fulking Parish Council (FPC)     Cllrs Hind, Dyos and Healy
Mid Sussex District Council      Cllr Watts-Williams
West Sussex County Council    Cllr Dennis
Parish Clerk:                          Trevor Parsons
Members of the Public            There were nine members of the public present

  1. Apologies for Absence.

Cllr Trist (FPC and Cllr Wilkinson (MSDC)

2.Declaration of Members’ Interests.

Cllr Firth declared an interest in the planning application for Thatchly (item 6) and took no part in that discussion

3. Approve the Minutes of Ordinary Parish Meeting of 12th July 2018 and Planning Meeting of 3rd October

The minutes were approved and signed as true records of the meetings.

4. Reports from District and County Councillors.

Report from Cllr Dennis (WSCC)

  • Speed Indication Device (SID) – Cllr Firth advised that the online results provided inconclusive data, but will circulate them for information.
    Cllr Dennis offered SID to Fulking Parish for a further week, should it be available. The council accepted the offer and would welcome the opportunity to use the device again.
  • Cllr Dennis has spoken to a WSCC cabinet member to try and push forward the TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) to apply some road lines near to Shepherd and Dog to reduce congestion on that corner.
  • Cllr Dennis has offered to assist Preston Nomads CC with grant application for road repairs at the entrance of the ground.
  • WSCC budgets remain very tight with a further £20m of savings to be made. Cllr Dennis confirmed that Statutory Minimum Services will be maintained in regard to Social Service commitments.
  • The Fire Service is looking for old cars to be donated to the service for practicing their rescue drills.

Report from Cllr Watts-Williams (MSDC)

  • Sixth Form College – Negotiations are progressing well between the government agencies to re-open the college in Haywards Heath. Cllr Watts-Williams advised that any new school must now be opened as an Academy.
  • Northern Arc – The Government will fund the roads and infrastructure. 3,500 homes and 3 schools are to be built. The first 500 homes have gained planning approval. The development is planned to finish in 2035.
  • District Plan – Following a previous call for sites, 138 sites have been identified to move to the next stage of ecological and traffic surveys.
  • Cllr Watts-Williams is now on the SDNPA Planning Committee.
  • Traveller Incursions – Any incursions need to be reported to both the Police and MSDC.

5. Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions:  Actions brought forward from the last meeting.

Operation Watershed, Parish Clerk to email Gary Rustle of WSCC to seek assistance in establishing exactly what needs to be done so that contractors can have a better understanding of the works required.

Cllr Firth mentioned to Cllr Dennis that we still await the HGV sign.

6. Planning Matters: To comment on the following planning application:
SDNP/18/04735/HOUS. Thatchly The Street Fulking Henfield West Sussex BN5 9LU.
Erection of a 2 storey rear extension.

The item was chaired by Cllr Hind, the Vice Chairman.

The owner of Thatchly, briefly addressed the meeting to speak in favour of the application to extend the house from a three bed, one bathroom home to a four bed, two bathroom home.

It was noted that:

  • This was a straightforward rear extension
  • In keeping with the current property
  • Well designed

The decision was to unanimously APPROVE the application.

7. Parking in Clappers Lane.

The Council have considered a range of options to improve the parking for residents including parking at the bottom of the lane, using Preston Nomads car park, land opposite (which has now been discounted and road widening which will be too expensive. However more space has now become available in The Street and pressure in CL has eased a little. The situation will be kept under review.

ACTION – Cllr Firth to approach PNCC to see whether residents might be able to rent spaces in the PNCC car park for a small fee.

8. Dark Night Skies.

Cllr Dyos has requested Dark Night Skies as a running item on the council agenda to maintain awareness of the SDNPA commitment to use its role as a planning authority to protect the dark skies above the National Park as well as the landscape on the ground.

ACTION – Cllr Firth to use source material from SDNPA and pass on to residents

9. Elections 2019.

Parish council elections are in May 2019. FPC will seek to encourage residents to stand for election in the run-up period.

ACTION – Parish Clerk to liaise with other local clerks to find out best practices for encouraging new councillors to step forward.

10. Market Garden.

It was agreed that FPC should take steps to be better prepared for future applications to expand the Market Garden / Conifers area. The SDNPA don’t appear to understand the concerns of the residents.

ACTION – Cllr Watts-Williams in his role within SDNPA Planning Committee has offered his assistance.
– Cllr Firth to establish contact with local MP to seek high level advice and support 11. Village Hall Lease.

Due to concerns over personal liability for safeguarding the PCC is looking for an official body to take on the lease of the Village Hall. Cllr Firth has proposed the Parish council take on this role.
An experienced legal advisor has already been identified via SSALC and has provisionally estimate £1,500 costs of this lease negotiation. Cllr firth stressed that this was not a final decision on the lease, but approval to incur cost to begin negotiations. Cllr Hind seconded the proposal, Cllrs Healy and Dyos approved.

12.Fulking Spring, Ram Pump System

It has been proposed by a resident that the Spring Ram Pump system is a valuable asset which could be used to promote the village within the National Park. After significant research two options have been suggested:

  1. A restoration of the system for some residents in The Street and Stammers Hill
  1. An information board and minor restoration next to the ram pump

It was decided that a first step would be to look at the information board option as there were significant concerns about the cost, likelihood of sponsorship, water standards and noise of a full restoration.  Depending on the success of the noticeboard the full restoration can be revisited later

ACTION – Clerk to look into the information board idea further and report back at the next meeting

13. Unoccupied cottages in Stammers Hill (Nos: 2 & 4)

It was established that No’s 2, 4 and 5 Stammers Hill were owned by an absent landlord and were a potential health risk but that the reason for keeping these properties in poor condition was unknown. It was brought to the meeting’s attention that No 1 Stammers Hill, owned by a different person, was also unoccupied and in a poor condition. Cllrs Watts-Williams and Trumble have visited the site which is falling into disrepair and MSDC is investigating whether legal action the District Council can take to compel the owners to improve these properties.

14. Reports from Outside Bodies.

Cllr Healy attending the inter parish meeting and all the points raised have already been covered by Cllr Watts-Williams report.

15. Information Items.

Cllrs Firth and Hind to update the Winter Resilience Plan.

16. Correspondence.

An email regarding a local Bus Survey has been received and whilst not directly affecting Fulking directly Cllr Dennis asked that the Council respond to the survey with a balanced view.

17. Financial Matters:

The following payments were made by the Council since the previous meeting. The Barclays Current Account balance stands at £9,809.60.

Date                     Description                     Cheque / Online / DDI         Amount

23/07/2018               E-On                           Direct Debit                   £ 53.41
21/08/2018               Q1 Clerk’s Pay              Chq No 100742               £1,039.44
15/09/2018              Payroll Services             Direct Debit                  £ 26.70
02/10/2018              Grass Cutting                Online Banking               £ 390.00

24/09/2018            H2 Precept of £4,348 was received into the account.
Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 10th January 2019 to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Ordinary Parish Meeting – 11th October 2018

There will be a meeting of Fulking Parish Council on Thursday 11th October 2018 at 7.30pm at The Village Hall, Fulking


1. Apologies.
2. Declaration of Members’ Interests.
3. Approvsl of previous minutes.
4. Reports from District and County Councillors.
5. Matters Arising – Operation Watershed
6. Planning Matters:

SDNP/18/04735/HOUS. Thatchly The Street Fulking Henfield West Sussex BN5 9LU.
Erection of a 2 storey rear extension.

7. Parking in Clappers Lane.
8. Dark Night Skies.
9. Elections 2019.
10. Market Garden.
11. Village Hall Lease.
12. Fulking Spring, Ram Pump System
13. Unoccupied cottages in Stammers Hill (nos: 2 & 4)
14. Reports from Outside Bodies. – Inter Parish Meeting – Cllr Healy
15. Information Items.
16. Correspondence.
17. Financial Matters:

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 10th January 2019 to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Trevor Parsons, Parish Clerk
17 Ockley Way, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8NE
07767 422733

Minutes of Planning Meeting Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Minutes of the Fulking Parish Council Planning Meeting held in the Village Hall, Fulking on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at 7pm.

Present: Chairman Councillor Firth, Cllrs Hind, Healy and Dyos. Clerk, Trevor Parsons

Apologies: Cllr Trist who attended as a resident.

One member of the public was present.

Declaration of interest: Cllr Trist took no part in the meeting in an official capacity but only as a resident.

Meeting opened at 7pm.

Prior to the meeting there was one request received from a member of the public to speak against the application.
The following matter was discussed. SDNP/18/04676/HOUS Elmside, Edburton Road, Fulking BN5 9LR. Glazed link and extension of outbuilding.

The meeting opened with a statement from the member of public objecting to the application.

It was noted that (in reference to the South Downs Plan):

The site has been subject to a number of developments and the current application which concerns connecting the existing extensions to the main house could be considered as adding to the floor area of the main accommodation. If this were the case this would add an estimated 45% to the floor area which would appear to contravene SD45E (replacement dwellings and extensions). While the character of the original farm workers cottage will be further compromised (SD45B).

There is concern that by linking these outhouses to the main building there is potential for change of use to accommodation in the future. This is likely to also conflict with SD45E.

The glazed link would be visible from the road and Downs and likely to result in increased light spill (SD9B and SD9C – Dark Night Skies). Furthermore, concern was raised about the possibility of bird strikes.

The neighbours object to this application and have stated that this will result in a further reduction of their amenities which appears to conflict with SD6 (design strategy).

The resulting vote on this application was unanimously AGAINST.

The meeting closed at 7.18pm.