Bobservation 39: New Year Resolutions

Stylised balloons, tinsel and trumped things

  1. For some innate reason it seems unBritish to get a better deal via websites like Go-Compare but I was horrified to have my motor insurer offer me a renewal at 425%, yes 425%, of the previous year’s premium. Comparative offers from other insurers via the aforementioned website brought about a REDUCTION in premium of 20% !!. In a similar vein and having been with the same supplier of LPG for many years, I contacted ‘’ who make no charge and were very helpful in advising me where I could get a better deal.  After some elementary calculations I made a substantial saving on the litre price I was paying Accordingly, I advise you all to make a New Year’s resolution to take the trouble to use these and other similar websites when renewing contracts of any sort.
  2. We got quite a good turnout for the village Christmas Party on Friday December 8th and  had a very good evening thanks to everyone who helped with mulling, serving, bringing, pouring, washing, sweeping and putting away. Some new faces who we were delighted to see. Let us resolve to make next year’s party bigger and better.
  3. I have only recently heard that Mick Gaule had been in intensive care for several days. In wishing him a speedy recovery please resolve to notice how your neighbours are faring with health and other social matters. A helping hand is always appreciated in times of stress, illness  and misfortune.


Bobservation 37: Migration, Dogs & Maps

Banner with estate agents logosMigration
At the risk of being corrected over omissions I think that over the last seven years, the number of properties sold, for sale or for letting in Fulking has been interesting. A little research shows that the properties involved in migration of any sort were:

Arcadia, Badger Brook, Badgerwood House, Barn Cottage, The Cabbage Patch, 15,21,29 & 41 Clappers Lane, Customary Cottage, Downside, Four Acres, Furzefield, Hillbrook, Hillside, Kent Cottage, Little Down, The Old Bakehouse, Oldwood, The Paddock, Perching Barn, Perching Manor, Pippins, 2 Septima Cottages, 1 & 2 Southview Cottages, 3 Teapot Row, Thatchly,  Timbers, West Dean, West Orchard, Yew Tree Cottage.

That is 32 out of 137 or 23% of properties either sold, let or offered for sale! I find this interesting because in a parish like Fulking there is an old world feeling of permanence of residence which obviously is incorrect. As for Furzefield I think the impossibility of finding a suitable property in Henfield  to move to may scupper any hopes you may have of stopping future Bobservations!
Most recent emigrants are Clive and Kate both of whom  we shall miss. Kate was a very good Chair of the Parish Council at a difficult time. Parking will be easier in the Street!

Fun Dog Show
It has been agreed to hold a fun dog show in the North Town Field as part of the fair on Sunday July 29th 2018. Is there someone who would like to take on the organisation of this lighthearted event with full support from the Social Committee? If you would like to discuss it give me call on 857271 or email

House Map
If you have not already looked at the magnificent Fulking Village web-site I suggest you  take the trouble to look at  ‘About our village’ and scroll down to ‘House Map’. Every residence in the parish has been marked on the map and indeed so have properties adjacent to Fulking. What a lot of amazing information has been put at everyone’s disposal.  Many thanks to Gerald, John and Miles for putting all this together.

Harvest Festival & Picnic

Harvest Festival and Picnic
October 15th — a traditional Harvest Festival Service at 11.00am will be followed by our ever popular harvest picnic lunch (which must be ordered in advance). The picnic will take place inside St. Andrew’s, or outside if the weather permits.

Amazing Harvest Hamper raffle. We welcome all parishioners to this event. To order picnics (£6.50), phone Jane Warne on 07812-465-559 or email

Jane Warne

Bobservation No.36: Social Committee

Entrance to NTF on Fair DayThe results of this year’s fair were a very creditable profit of £1,450. This was assisted by the generosity of the Shepherd & Dog donating the net cost of the marquee and furnishings after allowing for the Call My Bluff net income.
The fair is organised by the Fulking Social Committee with the vital help of volunteers who are the backbone of the event. Full accounts of the fair are available from Nick Hughes the treasurer.
Dates for your diaries are:
Friday 8th December – Christmas Party in the village hall from 6pm, which I now know clashes with the village ladies pub night at the Shepherd & Dog but hopefully these ladies will be able to call in and say Merry Christmas on their way;
Friday 27th July 2018 – Call My Bluff in the marquee in the North Town Field and
Sunday 29 July 2018 – Fulking Fair also in the North Town Field from noon till 4pm.

The bottom line of all this is to get some more members of the Social Committee. It is only as onerous as you want it to be and you will be welcomed with enthusiasm. We meet about half a dozen times a year generally on a midweek evening at 8pm and have an Annual General Meeting which this time will be in the village hall at 7pm on Wednesday 31 January 2018.
The Social Committee is a great way for new arrivals and their families to meet other villagers and offer new ideas. Please give me a call on 271 or email me at if you are interested in joining us.

Lastly I understand that Harry & Charmayne Diamond have sold Downside and will be leaving us after Christmas. They have been such an important part of the Social Committee and their generous loan of Downside Meadow has meant a big difference in being able to hold the annual fair. I am sure all villagers would want to wish them every happiness in their next home.