COVID-19 Support: Fulking Parish Council

The Parish Council has collected together information on how to get by under the latest coronavirus restrictions. This ranges from the UK Government official advice, to what local shops are doing and how you can help your neighbours. Any feedback you can give about the situation – or this page – would also be very welcome.

Communication:  – this page and the home page will carry regular updates as the situation changes. You can print this page by clicking this link. If you are seeing this as a PDF or it has been printed, the website can be reached at

Mailing List – We use the mailing list as an official channel for Council announcements, including those about the anti-virus measures. Most residents are on it – to join click here. To see recent announcements click here.

Written Announcements – Occasionally we will hand deliver announcements to all households.

Facebook – There are two FB Groups in the village, Fulking Villagers and  Fulking Village Community Group These are private groups, containing comments, observation and notifications affecting the community. You can apply to join when you land their pages. Click the links above or search for this group.

WhatsApp – Community Skill Swap. Primarily a way to share skills for the benefit of others, presently focused on helping others cope with the new regulations. There are a number of admins who can sign you up, but you should contact Samantha Leader on 07479 458323 first. Announcements from our neighbouring village’s website are worth keeping an eye on. Visit 

Henfield Hub: A good source of information about our largest country neighbour, with regular updates on status of shops and services. Click here for more detailed shopping updates.

Latest Updates from FPC:

COVID-19 Action Plan: This contains information on volunteering and requests for assistance forms. It’s probably best to print it Click here to access it.

Updates from Local Authorities:

Mid Sussex District Council: We refer you to MSDC website here.

West Sussex County Council: Updates on schools (for key workers’ children), libraries, and registrations,  plus a variety of links to other resources. Click here for more…

South Downs National Park:  Advice is offered on accessing the Park under current regulations. Click here

National Trust: Updates on what is open where can be found here. The Devil’s Dyke car park is now open, and social distancing is being enforced.

HM Government

For official announcements and advice as they are issued, with more detail than seen on TV briefings. Click here.
For the list of businesses allowed to stay open click here.


NHS official advice

Click here for current advice on CV-19

Henfield Medical Centre

Prescriptions – If you are a volunteer collecting a prescription on behalf of someone else please use this form to help the pharmacists complete the back of the prescription form. If the patient needs to pay for their prescription the dispensers will phone them to take the payment over the phone.
This form should be used in conjunction with the consent form when possible. Available here.

Health AdviceClick here for their website which has a pop-up with the latest CV-19 updates

Please note:

      1. Patients are now being recommended to use the NHS app on their smartphones to order repeat prescriptions and book appointments etc which is available here. 
      2. Patients appear to being offered screening via econsult which is an online triage system that guarantees a response within 24hours unless an urgent condition is identified.

Hurstpierpoint Health Centre (Mid Sussex Healthcare: also Ditchling/Hassocks)

Health Advice – Click here for their website which also has a pop-up with the latest CV-19 updates

Self reporting symptoms: Download an app to help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well.

Domestic Violence

Lock-down has led to a significant increase in calls to domestic abuse helplines. If this becomes a problem for you or someone you know, here’s advice on how to discretely contact a Police helpline without raising suspicion.


There have been widespread reports of criminals taking advantage of the people during lock-down. Local trading standards organisations are publishing warnings of what to look for. Here’s a link to the East Sussex version.


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