Village Gateways for Fulking

Your council is considering installing ‘Village Gateways’ at the three road entrances to Fulking. Before we go any further, we would like to know if residents are in favour or not. Please click the buttons below to indicate your preference…

What do gateways look like?

Three images of small wooden gates with signs on
These are fairly common now, for example Pyecombe and Sayers Common have them and Poynings is planning to install them. They are made of a durable plastic which gives a convincing wood effect. Ours would probably have a 20 mph and a welcome sign, but no village name to avoid being defaced. The final design has not been decided.

Where would they be located?
On the Poynings and Edburton Roads and Clappers Lane where the 20mph signs are presently. Note: these aren’t the Parish boundaries

What are the advantages?
According to West Sussex County Council, these gateways have a marked impact on driver behaviour and safety. Apparently, by designating a change of landscape i.e. open road to more built up area, drivers are more prepared to reduce speed. The Council expect that this will have most impact on the straighter Poynings and Edburton roads where there is evidence of speeding in the 20mph zones.

What are the downsides?
The gateways are clearly artificial and sometimes viewed as pretentious. They will also need cleaning to avoid projecting an uncared-for image of the village.

Are they expensive?
The main cost is the installation, as we must use WSCC approved contractors. Initial estimates are around £2k altogether, but the final cost and timing will be confirmed in Council Minutes should residents approve this proposal.

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If you have any other comments on this proposal, please email the Parish Clerk