Fulking Census Data (2011)

Fulking parish area map

Population (m + f) 303 (142 +161)
Born in England 272
Ethnic group: white/other 291/12
Health: very good/good/fair/bad/very bad 162/104/32/4/1
Population density (persons per hectare) 0.5
Dwellings 137
Bedrooms: 1/2/3/4/5+ 10/25/45/32/18
Central heating: none/solid/electric/gas/oil 5/6/17/20/66
Households 130
Head of household: unemployed/employee/self-employed/retired 0/60/35/28
Property type: flat/terrace/semi/detached 7/7/40/76
Number of vehicles per household: 0/1/2/3/4+ 7/36/68/13/6

There is a lot more information available here. But bear in mind that the data there is now seven years old and that the composition of the population changes much more rapidly than the housing stock does. Figures relating to children in 2011, for example, cannot be assumed to be even roughly correct for 2018.

Source: Office for National Statistics.