Fulking Social Committee


The purpose of Fulking Social Committee is to raise money for the social benefit of the village.
A key aim is to fund maintenance of the North Town Field and its children’s play area. To achieve this it organizes social and fundraising activities throughout the year.
Chief amongst these activities is the award winning Fulking Fair, normally held in July each year.
Additional activities include Call My Bluff wine evenings, wine quizzes, the ever popular Christmas Party. In addition the Village Hall Action Group holds various events to maintain and improve the Village Hall including the Christmas Craft Fair.
In the past this has enabled us to fund tree work and fencing in the North Town Field, provide support for local newsletters and contributions towards the installation of defibrillators in the village.

According the Brighton Argus: [Fulking] …is renowned for holding one of the best fairs to ever grace the county’s glorious countryside.

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The Chair of the Social Committee is Sally Brownie and the Treasurer is Carol Wright, from whom annual accounts and minutes of meetings are available.

The constitution of the Social Committee.  

Hire tables, crockery, cutlery

If you are planning a party, the village has some items that you can hire:

  • Four gazebos (9′ x 9′) at £4 each;
  • Six wooden tables (6′ x 2′) at £4 each;
  • Chunky crockery: sixty place settings (dinner and side plates, bowls, cups and saucers) — £10 max;
  • Cutlery: sixty place settings (knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, serving spoons and forks) — £10 max.

Contact Carolyn Loveless.