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South Downs News, April issue

April 2020 South Downs Newsletter
SDNPA Chief Executive Trevor Beattie claims that “there are already signs that the lock-down has reinvigorated many people’s love of nature”, presumably analogous to the way in which going on the wagon reinvigorates a love of alcohol. He will surely be lobbying for regular lock-downs in future years. There’s a link (to a link (to a link ..)) to “a detailed map [that] has been created for people to find food, drink and other support services close to where they live” which turns out to be every bit as dire as earlier food-related cartographic efforts by the SDNPA (The South Downs Sahara in 2015, and The South Downs Sahara (update) in 2017). Food is unobtainable in Steyning, apparently.

On the positive side, page 10 features a photo of David Ellin and Annie Brown, though they are not quoted or identified, and page 12 advertises a 3-part Facebook video instruction series by an ‘animal behaviourist’ on walking the dog (the animal, not the Rufus Thomas song).

2020 Fulking Fair cancelled

2020 Fulking Fair cancelled
My Committee have agreed with me that it will be quite impossible to hold the annual Fulking Fair on Sunday 26th July this year. Accordingly it is with much regret I have to tell you that the Fair is cancelled. I invite all of you to participate on Sunday 25th July 2021 when I hope these difficult times will have passed. Take good care of yourselves ..

Bob Rowland
Chairman of Fulking Social Committee

Bobservation No. 67: Conservation & Covid-19

Image of virus over Fulking EscarpmentConservation Area Conclusion Decision
Recent meetings by the inhabitants of the Downland parishes have reached a decision that, in order to protect the integrity of the Downland area, the Mayfield planning proposal should be moved from just north of Henfield to a situation to the north of Fulking bordered by Clappers Lane in the East, Holmbush Lane in the North, Small Dole in the West and the Edburton Road in the South . Surprisingly, this proposal engendered no objections whatsoever. It is anticipated the work will commence as soon as the Coronavirus runs its course. 1/4/20

Coronavirus Sundries
Great effort by the village led by the Parish Council to help any villagers who may be in need of supplies, prescriptions etc. As a vulnerable oldy my most grateful thanks to them.

Fulking Fair on hold for the minute. I must admit that at this point in time cancellation looks likely. If so it will be announced. Postponement is difficult but not impossible and could tie in with a celebration when (if?) we return to normal.

Bluebells will be good this year and at worst worth a look over the gate. If you phone 271 maybe we can organise individual walks around but this must be strictly accordance to the Government’s rules. Whatever, we will be restricted to a wave as a greeting!

MSDC car park charges suspended

MSDC car park charges suspended
This may be relevant to you if you are planning a trip to East Grinstead or Haywards Heath but not if you are about to undertake an emergency supplies mission to Henfield or Steyning (which are both HDC, not MSDC).

Addendum: HDC has in fact suspended parking charges in all HDC owned car parks “to help Horsham residents” (??). This arrangement will be in place until 22nd April 2020 and will then be reviewed. More here.

Fulking Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 2nd April 2020

Fulking Parish Council video conference
An ordinary Meeting of Fulking Parish Council will be held online on Thursday 2nd April 2020.  

Trevor Parsons – Parish Clerk  

Members of the public who want to listen to the meeting should contact the Parish Clerk, who will provide them with participation details.  


20/019/OM.            Apologies for Absence. 

20/020/OM.            Declaration of Members’ Interests 

20/021/OM.            Approve the Minutes of the previous Council Meetings  

20/022/OM.            Matters Arising & Outstanding Actions. 

20/023/OM.            Reports from District and County Councillors.   

20/024/OM.            To consider the establishment of a voluntary register of vulnerable residents 

20/025/PM.             To consider the adoption of a grant awarding policy 

20/026/OM.            Planning Applications Update. 

20/027/PM.             Planning Applications. 

  • SDNP/20/00670/HOUS Erection of a single storey garden studio. 
    Perching Sands Farmhouse Edburton Road Fulking BN5 9LS 
  • SDNP/20/00649/HOUS Extension linking main house to outhouse.  
    7 Clappers Lane Fulking BN5 9ND 

20/028/OM.              Reports from Outside Bodies.   

20/029/OM.              Inter Parish Group Update         

20/030/OM.              Information Items.   

20/031/OM.              Correspondence.   

20/032/OM.              Financial Matters.  

20/033/OM.               To set a date of the next Ordinary Meeting:  2nd July 2020 

The date for the Annual Parish Meeting will be Wednesday 6th May 2020 where Rev Tim Harford will be the main speaker. 

Downland Benefice Churches Closed

Downland Benefice
You will of course be aware that the Prime Minister has said that places of worship are to be closed; I have been instructed by the Archbishops and our bishop that the buildings are to be locked. I have placed notices in each of our churches to that effect and, very sadly, the doors will remain locked for the time being. The Archbishops have also said that until further notice we may not conduct weddings or baptisms – so please remember in your thoughts and prayers those whose special days have been disrupted.

Rev. Tim Harford

Fulking COVID19 Resources

Fulking COVID19 Action Plan
The ‘About Our Village’ menu in the left sidebar of this website has a new menu item: ‘COVID19 Support’. At present it just contains a two page PDF (‘Fulking COVID19 Action Plan’) drafted by the Parish Council. However, it is intended to include other relevant material as it becomes available.