A Walk Down The Street

Children playing in the street, Fulking

The late Stuart Milner wrote A Walk Down The Village Street In Fulking in 1987 as a sixteen page pamphlet for sale in the village shop which his wife Gill ran. The pamphlet was intended as a historical guide to the centre of the village. Two versions are available on this website: (i) a PDF scan of the original document, and (ii) a webpage. They are essentially identical but the PDF is best if you want to print something to read and refer to off-line, whereas the webpage is easier to read on a computer and has the advantage of links to other material on the history of the village.

If you plan to visit the village with a copy in hand then you may wish to convert Stuart’s linear walk into a circular route (see map below). This is easily done. Park at the Shepherd & Dog (if you plan to eat or drink there) or else beside the road just beyond the pub and the spring. There is a bridleway between the pub and the adjacent Old Bakehouse. Walk up it. You will see two small cottages to your left. Keep walking. There are sheep, fields and the Downs to your right and the back gardens of Fulking houses to your left. Continue until you reach the road from Poynings. Turn left and pass Spring Valley to your left and Pippins, Arcadia and Yew Tree Cottage to your right. You will see Kent Cottage on the corner and Stuart’s guide will now lead you back along The Street to where you left your car.

A Walk Down The Village Street In Fulking

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