Bobservation No. 114: Henfield vs. Fulking

Having departed Fulking some year and a half ago it seems worthwhile reminding you of the many advantages accruing to Fulking as a result of being only 3 miles away from the mother ship.
It would be easy to record what Henfield does not have, banks being the major omission. However It is quite amazing what a variety of shopping is available, in many cases of a very high standard. Much of the absence of banks is supplemented by the very excellent service provided by the Post Office. To preserve continuity of friendships etc. Henfield is a very logical step to move to when the relative remoteness of Fulking becomes difficult due to age or infirmity. This major village is probably one of the kindest and socially active places in the UK with a multitude of clubs and societies open to anyone interested, even a link to the Horsham food bank! A very good source of what is on offer is BN5 magazine so ably driven by local villager Emma Cole. As well as a very interesting history the layout of ‘twittens’ that encompass practically the whole village and provide very helpful pedestrian short cuts everywhere. Further information is always available from the museum located in the entrance to Henfield Hall. It is well worth a look next time you are in Henfield.

Fulking Fun Day
The Social committee are considering having a ’fun day’ possibly on Sunday 16 June instead of a fair. This will be part of an exercise to have more, but smaller events during the year to raise money principally for expenses connected with the village hall. Villagers from the other Downland villages will be encouraged to get involved. Please contact Sally if you would like to join in.