Bobservation No. 115: Legislation and Quotations

Anticipated Legislation
The recent failure of most, if not all, of the water companies to prevent unacceptable amounts of sewage being regularly discharged into rivers, lakes and the beaches of Britain have caused the Government, so I am given to understand, to bring about imposing legislation to force these companies to drastically improve their performance in these areas. I am told that funding will fall 50% on the companies and 50% on their customers. Accordingly water companies will be restricted to declaring dividends of 0.01% maximum and water rate charges will have to increase substantially. To achieve this increase there will be three main areas that will bear the brunt. These will be private houses with swimming pools, saunas and garden hoses. The proposed charges will be £10,000 p.a. for swimming polls, £9,000 for saunas and £2,000 for garden hoses. As well as this the proposed legislation will enable HMRC to increase these amounts by however much is necessary to achieve cleanliness in our rivers, lakes and beaches. It is thought unlikely that anyone will object to such socially acceptable legislation. 1/4/24

Quotations Group
Meeting on Monday mornings at 11am in Fulking village hall, the Quotations group is a chance for discussion for adult villagers and ex-villagers in friendly surroundings. Very ably lead by Samantha Leader a subject is chosen by mutual agreement and discussed the following week. A voluntary donation of £1 each week covers tea and Samantha’s marvellous shortbread. Quotations relevant to the chosen subject are invited and are collated and printed out each Monday to be read out at the meeting. This is an informal get together and a very good way to meet other local residents.