And the winner is .. Fulking Fair!

The Argus Community Event of the Year 2014 Fulking Fair

Community Event Of the Year — Fulking Fair

Fun, frolics, laughter, memories and most importantly community spirit – the annual Fulking Fair had it all.

The village, near Devil’s Dyke, has a population of just 250 people. But it is renowned for holding one of the best fairs in the county.

This year the “biggest and best” Fulking Fair saw 2,000 people flock to the picturesque village for a BBQ, drinks, music, games, rides, tea, cake and more – with all money raised ploughed back into village projects.

Popular violinist and musician Nigel Kennedy, who lives in the village, wowed the crowds with his performances and the fair raised several thousand pounds.

This money goes towards funding the village newsletter, the Pigeon Post, and helps with the upkeep of the village hall among other things. In recent years money raised has also seen the building of a new play area for the children in the North Town Field.

Treasurer of Fulking Social Committee Bob Rowland said: “The music was better than it’s ever been and it was just an absolutely tremendous day. I honestly believe there is no fair in Sussex better than ours now. The villagers and ex-vilagers all pull together and create a wonderful sense of community”.

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