Police retreat from Dyke

Retreating police
The Telegraph reports:

An illegal rave in a National Park was still going strong after nearly 24 hours after police admitted there were not enough officers to close it down.

Officers struggled to control the crowds and eventually gave up, leaving residents to endure the pounding music.

One resident in nearby Poynings, who did not wish to be named, said last night: “It’s really loud and it’s been going on all night and all day. .. I can see why it might be difficult to move them off the hill but I can’t understand why there aren’t more police officers to get rid of them.”

A [police] spokesman said: “At present the assessment is that it would not be possible or safe to close the event down, given the number of police officers available. “

The Argus has a long report:

“I spoke to one police officer nearby and asked them what they were going to do about it and I was told ‘we only have four officers, so there’s nothing we can do’.”

And the Mail also has the story this morning:

The rave, which is still going strong more than 24 hours after it started, shows no sign of stopping and party-goers have warned it could ‘carry on for days’.

A [police] spokesman said: ‘Overnight it was assessed that due to the darkness, rain, and numbers present, it was not appropriate or practical to attempt to close the gathering safely. With daylight, officers have been re-assuring local residents that action is being taken .. At present the assessment is that it would not be possible or safe to close the event down, given the number of police officers available.’

There is an informative YouTube video here.

Poynings residents express their views in an Argus comment forum:

7:21pm Sun 25 May 14 binbag says

It’s still going on now. No sleep again tonight. Don’t think the police stopped people going up there early enough. As the police are taking no action won’t this just encourage this happening more often.”

7:25pm Sun 25 May 14 Josie81 says

It’s a bloody nightmare here in Poynings. No sleep last night, can’t work today (I am studying for exams), and tonight seems set to be just as bad as last night. Police don’t seem interested in doing anything about it. Probably all down at the beach …

7:35pm Sun 25 May 14 binbag says

I’m in Poynings too. Was so loud last night. Doesn’t seem as loud now but that could be just the way the winds blowing. Too exhausted to do anything today. Hate to be a killjoy but hope it pours with rain tonight!

7:40pm Sun 25 May 14 Josie81 says

Yes, BB, nature looks set to take revenge with lots of lovely rain tomorrow 🙂 What a horrible mess these ravers have made of our beautiful Downs. Feel very sorry for the poor animals trying to rear their young in peace.

METRO now says:

By 7:00am on Monday everyone had gone and just one car remained — which had broken down.

The Argus reports a police post mortem in June:

Senior officers .. blamed rain and darkness for their decision to let the 2,000-strong party go on for more than 24 hours. .. Temporary Chief Constable Giles York .. said “It was dark, it had been raining on and off and footing was unsecure. [Raves] are not safe places. .. It’s not as simple as walking in and taking the power lead out.”

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