Wise guys buy astra fireworks
With bonfire night approaching, please be sure to advise your neighbours if you are planning any fireworks – this is especially important if they have pets and/or livestock so that arrangements can be made to ensure the animals are in a safe environment to save them unnecessary distress. This applies at any time of the year, not just the traditional November round of fireworks.

The Parish Council has been advised that an animal needed veterinary treatment following a recent private firework display where the neighbours had not been pre-warned.

Kate Watson

Shepherd and Dog – Premise License Application

The Shepherd and Dog pub have applied for a new premises license to play pre-recorded music, live music and films both indoors and outdoors in the garden.

The application includes:-

  • Pre-recorded amplified music every day 10am to 11pm
  • Live music amplified and non-amplified every day 11am to 11pm
  • Screening of films with amplified sound every day 11am to 10pm
  • Late night refreshment every day 11pm to 12:30am

See the full text of the application (LI/15/0513) click here.

Any comments or objections you may wish to make must be sent in writing to the Licensing Officer to be received by 26th March 2015.


Email to:

or Send to:-

The Licensing Officer (Ref: LIS/15/0513)
Mid Sussex District Council
Oaklands Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 1SS

A second runway for Gatwick

Readers will recall that the Parish Council held a public meeting on Wednesday 30th April to hear the views of the local community and to respond to an earlier consultation document.

Yesterday, the Airports Commission published for consultation its assessment of proposals for additional runway capacity at Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

The consultation presents the commission’s analysis of the proposals shortlisted by the commission last year: two for expansion at Heathrow Airport and one proposal at Gatwick Airport. It invites public comment on the commission’s detailed consideration of each proposal. This includes analysis of the cost of each proposal, the effect on communities of noise, property loss and construction, and the economic benefits and environmental impacts.

The information included in this consultation will enable respondents to give their view on the strengths and weaknesses of each short-listed option. It also invites comment on the commission’s review of the underlying evidence and analysis. These comments will then be taken into account and used to validate and challenge the commission’s assessments, ahead of the final report in the summer of 2015. During the consultation the Airports Commission will hold open discussion sessions for local stakeholders in both the Heathrow and Gatwick areas. The consultation will close on 3 February 2015.


Wise guys buy astra fireworks
Fulking Parish Council asks residents to alert their neighbours in advance if they plan to set off fireworks. This is essential if your neighbours have pets, poultry or livestock on the adjacent land and applies at any time of the year (e.g., birthdays, weddings, parties, New Year, etc.), not just the traditional November round of fireworks

Nine Acre Corpse

Nine Acre Corpse at Frackhurst
Tomorrow, the Director of Planning will recommend that the Celtique application be rejected at the SDNPA Planning Committee meeting to be held that day. Since Fulking is many miles away from any hydrocarbon deposits, this may seem of limited local interest. However, the basis of the recommendation is of general applicability. With thousands of consultees and write-in representations raising every imaginable objection from none (the Environment Agency) through to extinction and genocide, the Director of Planning largely restricts his case to just one — noise, both from vehicles and from on-site machinery. A particular concern of his is the effect of the noise on one’s ability to appreciate Fernhurst Furnace, a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Since rather little of this industrial ruin is actually visible, silence is presumably required in order to imagine what it would have looked like if the excavations had not been buried under sand over twenty years ago. More here [PDF], especially pages 36-37.

Rave on (and on)

Rave on and on
The Argus reports:

Sussex Police stopped two raves overnight on Friday into Saturday morning and a further two Saturday night into Sunday morning. This crackdown comes just weeks after Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne called for a review into how the police force deals with raves after they failed to stop a 2000 strong event at Devil’s Dyke. ..

Officers were called around 10:00pm on Saturday to Wivelsfield near Burgess Hill as the rave was being set up and people were arriving. ..

At 12:40am on Sunday morning another rave was stopped at Stanmer Park in Brighton where 50 people had attended with more people attending the location. Police attended, seized the sound equipment and arrested three men. ..

On Saturday night at around 10:00pm police were alerted to a large rave being set up in Falmer. Officers attended and arrested six men. ..

A further small rave was also broken up in Rogate, near Petersfield, at 3:00am where approximately 60 people were in attendance. No arrests were made.

Rave on

Sussex Police serving Sussex

As the warm weather continues and we get further into summer, raves are more likely to take place. Sussex Police have already stopped several raves and will continue to do so when possible. Landowners and residents in rural areas can help by being vigilant in their area.

We ask you to let us know immediately if a rave is seen or heard to be taking place. The earlier the police are alerted, the greater the chance of preventing them becoming established.

Keep an eye on access points to land and make sure they are secure. Please report any locks which have been broken or removed. Report any vehicles driving off-road, groups of vehicles in rural areas, convoys of vehicles and loud music in remote locations.

Police will use powers to confiscate equipment being used at raves and will deal with any unlawful activity when they can. Raves by their very nature are spontaneous and unpredictable and we urge people to report any behaviour which is suspicious.

The police have powers to to close down an event and the decision to do so will be carefully assessed to balance the safety of those attending and the threat posed to the local community.

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Rave off

Broken glass
The Argus reports on the National Trust struggle to restore the status quo ante bellum:

More than 2,000 ravers attended leaving rubbish, including smashed bottles, beer cases, clothing and gas canisters strewn across the site after they partied for more than 24 hours. Volunteers helped to clear about 250 bags of waste ..

Charlie Cain, head ranger of the Devil’s Dyke estate, said [that] .. there is broken glass all over the Downs that is going to cause problems for years.

Elsewhere, the head ranger said:

The mess left behind after [the] rave at Devil’s Dyke was terrible. Fences and gates were cut and cattle had been separated from their water supply.

Updated 2nd June.