Rave on

Sussex Police serving Sussex

As the warm weather continues and we get further into summer, raves are more likely to take place. Sussex Police have already stopped several raves and will continue to do so when possible. Landowners and residents in rural areas can help by being vigilant in their area.

We ask you to let us know immediately if a rave is seen or heard to be taking place. The earlier the police are alerted, the greater the chance of preventing them becoming established.

Keep an eye on access points to land and make sure they are secure. Please report any locks which have been broken or removed. Report any vehicles driving off-road, groups of vehicles in rural areas, convoys of vehicles and loud music in remote locations.

Police will use powers to confiscate equipment being used at raves and will deal with any unlawful activity when they can. Raves by their very nature are spontaneous and unpredictable and we urge people to report any behaviour which is suspicious.

The police have powers to to close down an event and the decision to do so will be carefully assessed to balance the safety of those attending and the threat posed to the local community.

[copied from poynings.net]