Get Ready For Winter

Snow and Ice Clearing


  • Follow the Parish Winter Management Plan.
  • Spread salt/grit evenly and at appropriate spread rates.
  • Spread salt/grit before frost to be most effective.
  • Clear any excess salt or grit once the snow/ ice has melted.
  • Inform either the grit bin volunteer or Parish Clerk if the grit is running low.
  • Look out for your neighbour.


  • Use water to melt snow and ice, if there is a risk it will refreeze.
  • Move snow to a location where it will create another risk such as another part of the pavement, road or where people are likely to walk.
  • Use excessive salt, grit or other materials so as to create a new or worse risk once the snow/ ice has melted.

For further details see The Fulking Winter Management Plan here

or for general winter advice visit the Met Office site here