Bobservation No. 11

False colour wine glassesCall My Bluff Wine Quiz

Call my Bluff started in Fulking when the Henfield branch of the wine merchant, Wine Rack, agreed to put on a Call my Bluff wine quiz in the Village Hall in 1999. Since then I have presided over many evenings of the same format.
By my reckoning, together with straight wine quizzes, we have raised £5,609 over the years for village funds. The evening has been very ably supported by Toby Peirce of Quaff Ltd who has supplied most of the wines and, in more recent times, by Louise and Jay who have handled the food and raffle so well.
Sadly, old age is catching up with me and I am losing my mind, hearing, mobility and patience (grumpy old man!), which means that the exuberant enjoyment of revellers at the wine quizzes has become problematic.
It would be good to hear from a villager willing to take on the responsibility of continuing to organize this valuable fund raiser. Needless to say it will be a pleasure to pass on any information or assistance that I can.