Bobservation No. 17


Village Organisations

Why do we have several different organisations in Fulking? Wouldn’t it be better to have just one?  The answer is that historically, residents prefer to volunteer for one or two causes and not the totality. So, here’s a guide to them:

The Parish Council consists of five councillors, elected for four years and who are in charge of the statutory and financial requirements of Fulking. There’s also a paid Parish Clerk. Funding is from the precept which is included in the Council Tax.

The North Town Field Trust exists to own and protect the North Town Field. Trustees are elected at a Parish Council meeting. The 4 or 5 trustees are appointed for life (or until they resign). They’re governed by the Trust Deed. In principle it has no income.

The Social Committee runs social events such as the Fulking Fair and the Christmas Party with a view to creating a happy and inclusive village atmosphere and raising money for village needs; perhaps tree work in the North Town Field or repairs to the village hall. Constitution on

The Village Hall Action Group was formed by concerned villagers to protect and maintain the Village Hall. Any villager can join. The principal source of income is donations from supporters.

The Book Nook raises funds for St Andrew’s church in Edburton and is held in the chapel attached to the village hall. It is run by church members and villagers.

There are of course various other happenings, run privately. These include Preston Nomads Cricket Club, foot beagles, games evenings, toddlers /coffee morning, craft and chat, mums’ night-out, book club, yoga classes etc. Most of the support for these is voluntary and unpaid.