Bobservation No. 66: Warming to the Clerk in the End…

Painting of The Parish Clerk - courtesy

Parish Clerk
I have known several Parish Clerks in the time I have been in Fulking and they have varied in efficiency and goodwill considerably, in particular one I can think of was diabolical!. However I think it is generally agreed that the present Clerk, Trevor Parsons, has outshone all his predecessors . A parish council relies very heavily on the professionalism of its clerk and over the last twenty or so years the demands on the clerk have steadily increased; in particular with knowledge of the law as it needs to be enacted. I hope you will all join me in saying thanks to Trevor for the service he provides.

Global warming
The next meeting of the Resolutions group is at 7pm on Sunday March 8th  in the village hall and I do encourage you to come and join us. Ably lead by Samantha we are in the throes of putting together Climate Change and ecological ideas for implementation in the villages of Fulking, Poynings and Newtimber.

Funereal matters
If you wish to save your next of kin a bob or two it is quite simple to donate your body to the London Anatomy Office (LAO) (0207 848 8042). Subject to certain circumstances the body will be donated to and used by the medical services involved (probably in Sussex) for research or teaching. This will obviate the need for a funeral which, these days, is quite expensive. The LAO are most helpful on the phone and will help you through the necessary forms. Just in case you are worried about missing the wake when I eventually go; well behaved villagers will be invited to a party instead (Any takers for Call my bluff?). Incidentally the oldest donated body yet was a gent of 107!