Bobservation No. 75: Questions, Light and Future

Christmas Quiz
All things being equal you should have received a hard copy with Pigeon Post of the Bobservation Christmas Quiz. It is intended for all the family to get involved and some questions, quite a few actually, are much easier than others. Just as a suggestion let the youngest in the house have first go at solving the puzzles. Once you have solved as many as your ‘bubble’ can, email me the number you have solved by 30 December at the address shown on the quiz. No need to send the answers, unless you are the winner, in which case, I will require you to send them to me. This to avoid mistakes! You may enjoy solving the quiz better WITHOUT any help from Wikipedia etc.

There seems to be a light, however small, at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel. It would be nice to think that together with Trump, Cummings, and Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire ripper, not Herbert!) all of these frightful things will join the virus in being gone. Hopefully, the vaccines will turn out to be successful. It is at times like this that we all need to offer support to each other, particularly those villagers who will be on their own over Christmas. So far as I am aware village neighbours have been pretty good at looking after each other, which is no more than one would expect in Fulking. After what has been a difficult year for most of us, one way or another, I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a considerably better New Year in 2021. Hope we can have a village fair on Sunday 25 July!

Looking Ahead
Both the Corona virus and Brexit give us all a chance to change the way we live in the future.
Perhaps we could consider:

  1. Changing our electoral system from ‘first past the post’ to some form of proportional representation.
  2. Showing a great deal more respect and empathy towards immigrants who risk their lives to reach UK.
  3. Funding our respected NHS properly.
  4. Improving the benefits system so that mothers do not need food banks to feed their children.
  5. Enabling every child in our country to have an education as good as the private schools.
  6. Reorganise the Houses of Parliament to save the enormous cost of repair.
  7. Build a modern Parliamentary building in a more central location in the middle of England.
  8. Abolish the House of Lords and have a democratically elected Upper House.

Well, there are a few to go with. What can you add?