Bobservation No: 76 January 2021

New Year
I sincerely hope that 2021 proves to be a better year for all of you. Being in a village like Fulking, it is hard to imagine just how difficult 2020 has been for many millions of the other people living in our country. Unlike the leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who objects to UNECSO funding our poor, I feel ashamed that, due to impoverishment, mothers cannot feed their children, our streets are the home to Brits who, possibly through no fault of their own, have become destitute and the future for many children remains very, very bleak due to lack of opportunity. I am sure that if a villager is in genuine dire need, some way to help would be available. However, this in no way relieves the national problem which, due to cutbacks, coronavirus and, dare I say it, Brexit will surely get worse.

Tony Brooks
Trevor Brooks, Tony’s son, tells me that his father’s Alzheimer’s has continued to worsen and at the beginning of the year he had to be transferred to the St Clare’s Care Home in Ditchling.  I understand he is happy there and has been nicknamed ‘King Tony’ by the staff. Many villagers who remember Tony for his helpfulness and total involvement in Fulking, will wish him a comfortable and stress-free life at St Clare’s. Doris is keeping well in Hassocks.

Regrettably Fulking has not been left out of the grip of Covid19. I am told that a couple of elderly villagers have been tested positive and, of course, there may be more. I am sure you will all join me in wishing everyone who is tested positive a safe outcome. Please take every precaution to avoid the spread of this quite horrible virus. Hopefully, the arrival of vaccination should begin to offer some form of protection in 2021.

Bobservation Christmas Quiz
Having had results from 10 contestants and after an exciting finale I have great pleasure in announcing the 3 joint winners of the Bobservation Christmas Quiz 2020 as Kevin Thorns & his family, Chris & Julia Snell and Jen Green & Chris Gildersleeve with all 55 answers considered to be correct. I do hope it relieved the lockdown over the Christmas period a little.