Bobservation No. 90: Social Comment

Fulking Social Committee
It is possible that there are villagers who are either unaware of the Social Committee or of its purpose. It was formed in the late 1990s by Nick & Jill Bremer and since then has raised in excess of £20,000 by fund raising events such as the annual Fulking Fair. This has been mainly expended on support for work in the North Town Field, childrens’ play area and the village hall upkeep. Because these amenities are not owned by the District Council we have to finance their maintenance.  The Committee is an independent organisation with a constitution and all decisions are made through the Chair, currently Sally Brownie. Any decisions, financial or otherwise, made are subject to a democratic vote of the members. Whilst suggestions are always appreciated no other body has any control whatsoever over the Committee. All villagers are welcome to join subject to the approval of the existing members.

Auction of Promises
In support of fund raising the Social Committee will be holding an Auction of Promises in the village hall on Saturday 25 June. Final details are still in the hands of a select team of entrepreneurial experts . It would be great if anyone could offer a suitable Promise prize by getting in touch with Sally, Rosemary, Karen or me. The more exciting the better! One thing I can tell you; theatrical celebrity Richard Linford has very kindly agreed to be the auctioneer.

I am sure I am not alone in expressing my horror at the appalling and very unnecessary invasion of Ukraine. It is at times like this that we should all reflect on how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful village.