Minutes of Planning Meeting 2nd September 2021

Minutes of the Extraordinary Council Meeting Fulking Parish Council held Thursday 2nd September 2021 at 7.00 pm held at Fulking Village Hall.


Chairman: Cllr Mark Hind Fulking Parish Council (FPC): Cllrs Linda Dyos, Karen Healy, Samantha Leader and Lucy Mehta

Parish Clerk Trevor Parsons

The owner of Arbor Vitae attended the meeting and was invited to run through the planning application. No other members of the public were in attendance.

The meeting opened at 7.00pm.

21/072/PM. Apologies for Absence. – none

21/073/PM. Declaration of Members’ Interests. – none

21/074/PM. Planning matters

Location: Arbor Vitae The Street Fulking BN5 9LU SDNP/21/03915/LIS.

Proposal: Extension to swimming pool plant room. New porch on rear elevation of studio at side of house. Erection of single storey artist’s studio to rear of garage in walled garden

It was noted that:

Councillors examined the application and there were no objections raised. The improvements are out of sight from the road and the South Downs and in keeping with the rest of the property.

Four Councillors voted IN FAVOUR with one Councillor NEUTRAL

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 7th October 2021

Bobservation 27. In with the new and out with the old

Neon header for Bobservation 27

You may think the title above refers to me. No such luck I’m afraid! However, we might reflect on what a successful year 2016 was for Fulking. A very good Fair in July with the new format of including stalls in the Street working very well. A good Call My Bluff in the incredible Shepherd & Dog which must now be the most popular country pub in Sussex. The Christmas Market has become such a successful event that potential stallholders have to be turned away. This year’s Christmas Party was very well attended and seems to have been enjoyed by everyone. However, pride of place this year must go to the amazingly attractive Downland Calendar for 2017, which I understand has achieved sales of 800 copies.

Let us not forget the regular village activities that you support by organizing or attending. For example: Pigeon Post; then there is Yoga, Messy Church, Craft and Chat, Toddlers/family coffee, Book Nook, Games Evening, Carol Singing around the village, St Andrews Day Quiz, Plays and musical evenings in the Village Hall, a Beagle pack and one of the best cricket clubs in Sussex. Not bad for a village of a little over 200 residents!

So forward into 2017 and may it be a happy, successful, and healthy year for all of you. If you are not already involved in village activities, please come along and help. You will be most welcome.

Two dates for your diaries; Tuesday 24th January 2017 – Annual General Meeting of the Fulking Social Committee in the village hall at 8pm and Sunday 30th July 2017 – Annual Village Fair.


Mysterious parcel

mysterious parcel
If a mysterious parcel, possibly addressed to Spring Valley, turned up on your property on Wednesday this week, please contact GJMG (233).

Postscript: Hermes somehow retrieved the randomly delivered item and brought it to Spring Valley by car this afternoon [14th December].

Short distance operator

She won't connect you from 1st October
She won’t be routing your calls from 1st October. You will no longer be able to dial 857XXX in order to reach your neighbour and delicately suggest that 2:00am on a Monday morning is perhaps not the ideal time for testing his new Jamaican subwoofers on the patio. You’ll just have to dial 01273-857XXX instead. Colin Warburton has more from the girl at the Poynings exchange.

Cold Callers — Some Advice


Dear Friends,

This time of year when the weather is hot, the undesirables are out knocking on doors to gain entry and possibly ROB you. Please see below further advice that may help your in making your decision to open your door. You may think my message is a bit strong, but I do not know of another way to tell people to be careful. I hear many times of burglaries where people still leave windows open, doors unlocked because I am just popping to the shops for a few minutes. It takes 2-3 minutes for a burglar to steal from you. Please, please be more aware about your security. Look after your neighbour and they will look out for you.

You can tell door-stop salesmen not to knock — and they have to listen (it’s an offence not to!).

To stop them disturbing you print out Trading Standard’s ‘No Cold Caller’s’ sign (PDF) and put it by your front door. You have seven days to cancel most purchases over £35 made on the door-step. This cooling off period starts when you get written notice of your right to cancel (they have to give you one). If you cancel in this time you should get a refund (including your deposit). There are exceptions – check out the CAB website for details. Remember: the safest approach is to never buy on the door-step or let anyone in if you’re not sure who they are.

If someone knocks that you don’t know:

  1. Don’t answer if you don’t feel safe
  2. Always ask for ID and call the company to check
  3. Don’t sign anything on the spot – get details and do your own research
  4. Never hand over cash or agree for work to start straight away
  5. Call the police if you feel threatened

Best regards,

John Wright MBE
Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation.

Mobile: 07917385213
Business:01444 247368
Email: enquiries@sussexnwfed.org.uk
Web: www.sussexnwfed.org.uk