Community Bus Service – The End?

We have just received this note from Peter Gibbons, Hurst & Hassocks Community Bus Association.

“I very much regret to have to tell you that we have had to cease all operations of our bus forthwith due to us being unable to obtain vehicle insurance on our bus. Our insurer has declined to offer to renewal terms and other specialist insurers have also declined to offer us insurance.

As a consequence of this we have had to cease all our operations.

Unfortunately the decision of our insurance company was outside our control but at this stage we can do nothing about it. If in the future a community bus service can be restored to the village, I will endeavour to let you know.

Please accept my sincere apologies for this on behalf of the Hurst & Hassocks Community Bus Association.


Peter Gibbons
Hurst & Hassocks Community Bus Association”

West Sussex Gazette report here.