Find a Fulking filming venue

green sheep

Help Brighton Early Music Festival find rural filming venues

We are hoping that before too long we can start work filming for BREMF@home. We are keen to use a variety of interesting locations in and around Sussex but will be working on a very tight budget. Can you help us? If you, or someone you know, owns or has access to any of the following types of buildings, rooms or places, and would be prepared to let us use them for a day once it is safe to do so (preferably free of charge beyond expenses), we would be very grateful. In some cases it might be a case of knowing about a rather wonderful place with free access:

  • A field with old breeds of sheep
  • A traditional rural cottage garden
  • A flowing stream
  • A wildflower meadow
  • An old rustic barn
  • A traditional farmyard
  • An elegant period drawing room