Lampposts safe (for now)

Villagers may well not have noticed a slim green-bordered booklet from SSE Contracting as they engaged in the ritual fortnightly transfer of the contents of their letterbox to the blue bin. Those who did and who delayed its journey to recycling for long enough to glance at it will have read that “within the next four weeks we will start replacing the lighting in YOUR street” [emphasis theirs]. White circles containing the letters ‘SL’ would soon appear on the highway surface to assist villagers who wanted to chain themselves to the relevant street lights. But, as those who attended the recent PC meeting now know, this was just a dry run, designed to test the strength of village resistance to modernity. No replacements are actually scheduled for Fulking. You can put the booklet in the blue bin after all.

Three of the historic lampposts to be found in the downtown Fulking area.