Leptodon smithii at Perching Hill

Leptodon smithii
Sue Rubinstein writes:

Walking towards the old lime kiln near Fulking in much wetter conditions last September I stopped in a cow-trampled clearing to check the epiphytes on the surrounding trees. One horizontal Ash trunk over a particularly muddy slope seasoned with cow pats was coated in vivid green Leptodon smithii, bright and feathery after heavy rain.

I think this patch at the bottom of Perching Hill near Fulking is the largest I have seen. A nearby more vertical Ash tree had a small area along with abundant Neckera complanata. Radula complanata, Syntrichia papillosa and Cololejeunea minutissima were all present in small quantities. Other Ash trees around the clearing, even the really ancient ones were dominated by more common epiphytes.