Miscommunication from SDNPA

SDNPA miscommunication
“There are several important points that we would like to highlight:

  • Information about the closure cannot be found on the SDNPA website, even through a search;
  • We have seen no evidence that the SDNPA want to engage with local businesses on a practical or proactive level, to promote them or work with them – this is a good example;
  • Surely the the SDNPA should consider this their responsibility to inform those affected – local residents, visitors, businesses?
  • The period of notice (6th March) was in any case far too short;
  • The period of closure spans the Easter weekend (could be fairly busy on the Downs at this time). What do walkers do when they come across a barrier on the South Downs Way with no alternative signposted? Where would they have found out about this closure?”

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