Mobile Network Antennae

Mobile phone antennae locations on Truleigh Hill

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For those who have been up there, it will come as no surprise to learn that all the local mobile phone antennae are located at the top of Truleigh Hill. If you use a mobile phone around Edburton and Fulking, your call is being routed through one of those antennae. And that’s true even if you pay your mobile bills to Virgin, say, rather than to one of the companies named in the table.

Operator 3 Orange Orange T-Mobile O2
Height 27m 30m 30m 32m 22m
Frequency 2100MHz 2100MHz 1800MHz 1800MHz 900MHz
Power/Max 18.7/35dBW 29.5/35dBW 27.5/32dBW 26/32dBW 24.2/32dBW
Type UMTS [3G] UMTS [3G] GSM [2G] GSM [2G] GSM [2G]

The picture and the table together suggest a neat match between five antennae and five services. But this is misleading. Both Orange services share a single antenna. One of the antennae marked is devoted to Airwave/Tetra. Since this is only used by the emergency services, it is omitted from the table. All the information in the table comes from the Ofcom database and may not be entirely accurate. 4G has not reached Truleigh Hill yet but, when it does, the information will not be in the Ofcom database since the only current 4G operator (EE) does not provide Ofcom with the relevant data.


Page first posted 6th April, 2013.
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