Snow on the Bomb House

The Bomb House near Devil's Dyke, South Downs, Sussex
Fulking residents see it every day as they look up at the Downs. But what is it? When was it built? Why is it in that location? Is it a relic of the Napoleonic wars? Was it once a semaphore station? A camera obscura? Did it play a role in James Hubbard’s Victorian recreation complex on the Dyke? Why is it called “the bomb house”? Did it ever have a roof? Why is it half full of earth? Why are several walls damaged? Is Canada to blame?

You’ll find out the answers to these questions, and many others, if you attend Martin Snow’s talk The Devil’s Dyke — Pleasure Ground to Bombing Ground at the Beeding & Bramber Local History Society meeting at 7:45pm on Wednesday 2nd October in the Village Hall, Upper Beeding.