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Craft & Chat

Colourful Embroidery

Possibly one of the best kept secrets in the village has just come to light…

While nobody was looking, Trish Robinson has established a Chat & Craft group which meets in the Village Hall on Thursday afternoon every 2nd and 4th week of the month – between 2 and 4 pm. Its been going on for several months…

The idea is that you bring along whatever (transportable) craft project you are undertaking and do it in the company of other like-minded people. While ‘crafting’ you can also indulge in interesting conversation and have a cup of tea.

All are welcome – and as you may have guessed the emphasis is on the chat more than the craft!

On the market

Badgerwood House, Clappers Lane, Fulking

Badgerwood House, Clappers Lane

Badgerwood House was originally a bungalow, built by Captain Lawrence Clayton, [the architect] Charles Clayton’s son. Captain Clayton was also an architect and took over his father’s business when he died. In a 1934 auction, Dr. Beresford, a surgeon at Brighton Hospital, then purchased the house and grounds, which at the time included Furzefield to the north, along with fields on the west side of Clappers Lane, up to what is today Badger Brook. This combined holding was then called Badgerwood Farm. The bungalow was enlarged to become a house and subsequent owners added extensions to this. During the Second World War, Henry Harris farmed all the land (except what is now the bluebell wood at Furzefield) under the Government War Cultivation programme, to produce food. After the war a large pig farm was established on the site and this was later converted to stabling. The pig farm was later divided up and sold off as smaller parcels of land. Graham and Rosemary French purchased Badgerwood House, but sold off the parcel of land known as Furzefield in the early 1990s. The house has since been altered and extended and the current owner has also added several features. At one time, a droveway through the grounds of the property provided access from Clappers Lane to Holmbush Lane.

Passage adapted from Anthony R. Brooks (2008) The Changing Times of Fulking & Edburton. Chichester: RPM Print & Design, pages 74-75.

Brighton City Plan

Never say die:

Mayfield Market Towns, which is proposing a new 10,000-home town near to Sayers Common, raised their own concerns that the plan in its current existence does not address any solutions in either Horsham district or Mid Sussex district.

The developers claim that with Brighton and Hove City Council exhausting all avenues to find land for housing within its borders, decisions on meeting demand elsewhere should not be longer term considerations but an urgent need and that their specific scheme should be included in the plan.

Call for Parish Councillors

yourvillageneedsyouAs you are probably aware, the current Parish Council’s term is coming to an end and nominations are needed for the new Council – Fulking Parish Council has five councillor positions. The nomination period will run from 30th March until 4pm on Thursday 9th April.

If anyone is interested in having an input in what happens in our community and wants to help to protect (and improve) what Fulking already has, please do feel free to contact any of the councillors for a chat – contact details are available from our clerk Derek Blackhall

Full information and nomination papers can be found on the MSDC website or by clicking the links below:
local-elections-england-and-wales and Nomination pack”

Completed nomination papers must be delivered in person to MSDC offices. If more than five people stand, there will be an election and this will be advertised in due course. Once elected, parish councillors sit on the Council for a term of four years, after which they may stand for re-election.

Is it frustrating? Yes, at times.

Is it rewarding? Yes, very – you will learn a lot about the community, meet many people and also discover issues you didn’t even know existed! And yes, these do outweigh the occasional frustration. Protecting the community and seeing it change for the better is something that can give a huge sense of achievement and pride.

Most importantly, if nobody stands for election, control of our village will pass back to MSDC, so it really is vital that people come forward if we want to continue to have a say in what happens.

[

So please do think seriously about standing to keep decision making within our village and not at district level.

A reminder ..

Woods Mill in Spring

With blackthorn and wild plum in blossom, early butterflies on the wing and also kestrels and buzzards to spot. April is a magical time to visit Woods Mill as spring takes hold at a galloping pace. A mixture of woodland and meadow with good views of the South Downs, this peaceful nature reserve near Henfield is centered around a large reed-fringed pond.

Mute swan, little grebe and heron can all been seen on the pond and you may even be lucky enough to see a flash of a kingfisher. Removal of fish a couple of years ago has rejuvenated the pond. The water is now clear enough to see the tadpoles of the frogs and toads and grass snakes bask on its sunny banks.

Over the Easter school holiday, we will be running regular drop-in pond dipping sessions with the Woods Mill Warden on-hand to help you find out what you have caught. Newts, water boatmen and dragonfly nymphs all thrive in the numerous ponds.

Woods Mill is free to visit. It has a car park, public toilets and a wheelchair friendly all-weather path .. but no dogs are allowed on the nature reserve.

Summer Breeze Bus

Banner for Bus from The Dyke to Brighton

Brisk walks and bus rides – sounds like just the ticket.  The new 77 bus timetable is out for the Dyke to Brighton route.  This forms part of the “Breeze up to the Downs” partnership between B&H City Council, The National Trust and SDNP. It starts on 19th April, and from 14th June to 31st August you can, er, “do it topless”. More importantly it now connects with similar services to Stanmer Park and Ditchling Beacon.  More details here…