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Repairs to the entrance to Preston Nomads

Preston Nomads entrance
The entrance to Preston Nomads CC is scheduled to be repaired on 22nd and 23rd November. This means that the residents’ parking area and footpath/bridleway won’t be accessible on those days. PNCC and their contractors will try and get this essential work done with minimum inconvenience. If you have any further queries please contact Martin Glover at

Bobservation 50 – Rev. Graham Jeffrey

GJ sketch of Church

I have been fortunate enough to know Graham for nearly all of the 26 years I have lived in Fulking.

As an atheist, having lapsed as a christian some 60 years ago, I have found that the basics of true socialism are very similar to the teachings of Christianity and this enables me to identify with what I believe is Graham’s  mission.

And so, to get to the point, the news that he will be leaving us and retiring from the Downland Parishes, in particular St Andrews, Edburton, came as quite a shock and caused me to enquire of various villagers and churchgoers whether in their opinion his retirement was his choice or was he ’pushed’; I have not been able to come to a clear conclusion. Either way it seems that the days of Graham’s quite delightful carol service have gone, which in itself is a great pity.

What is an atheist doing at a carol service?  I found the wonderful sense of community created by the regular full house each year quite moving and I love the nostalgia of the carols. It was created almost entirely by Graham’s personality.

It will be very interesting to see what effect his departure has on the size of the regular congregation at St. Andrews. Will it shrink or disappear? If so, what happens then? I am sure you will join me in wishing Graham success in whatever he chooses to do next, as I cannot see him actually retiring!

Note: Graham’s last service will be on Sunday 18th November at 11am, with drinks and cake after the service – details here 

New car park at Pyecombe

Football overflow parking in Pyecombe
Sophisticated advanced planning by Southern Rail has ensured that no trains will be stopping at Falmer on Boxing Day, the day of the Albion-Arsenal match at the Amex stadium. This is good news for residents of Fulking and Poynings who wish to attend: you can just drive to the Brendon Stud & Saddlery at Pyecombe and catch a shuttle bus to the stadium. Other readers may wish to give the A23 a wide berth that evening. Visit WeAreBrighton for the rest of the story.