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FPC Planning 18:30 15th June 2016

Shepherd and Dog

The next FPC Planning Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15th June 2016at 6.30pm in the Village Hall when the following planning application will be discussed:-


Location:Shepherd and Dog Inn The Street Fulking Henfield West Sussex BN5 9LU

Proposal:Conversion of existing toilet block to bar / restaurant space with balcony and the construction of a new toilet block extension to the rear.

Members of the Public and Press are invited to attend. Members of the public are entitled to speak at the meeting.

Derek Blackhall – Clerk to Fulking Parish Council
22 Kymer Gardens,
Keymer, Hassocks
West Sussex BN6 8QZ

Bridleway closure [again]

Bridleway 5/3F closure
The bridleway connecting the Poynings Road (The Deans) to Clappers Lane (Preston Nomads) is closed for yet more surfacing work between 13th June and 4th July.

[This email and any attachments are confidential and intended solely for the persons addressed. If it has come to you in error please reply to advise us but you should not read it, copy it, show it to anyone else nor make any other use of its content.]

Correction 10th June: it turns out that the reason WSCC is so keen that you not read, copy, or display the public notices that they distribute to parish councils is that some of them are complete tosh. As this one is. Ignore it.

On the market

Badger Brook interior

Badger Brook

Originally, this was a small bungalow named Thurston, owned by G.F. Donne. In the 1970s it was acquired by Mr. Brutie and his wife who started a company in Poynings, packing screws, nails, and small items that were required by the handyman. This became very successful and he became known locally as ‘Mr. Screws’.

Sadly, no male member of Mr. Brutie’s family ever lived beyond 60 years of age and so, as he approached 60, he sold both Thurston and his business* and retired to live in Newtimber. He remained very active, but one day, on returning home from one of his frequent games of golf, he had a heart attack and died, having lived just long enough to defy the family ‘curse’.

The new owner set up a dog and cat boarding kennels known as Badger Brook. In the mid 1990s planning permission was granted for a two storey extension to be added to the north end of the bungalow. The pet boarding facilities were upgraded in the early 2000s and this business still operates from the north end of the site.

*Screwfix was subsequently purchased by B&Q.

Passage quoted from Anthony R. Brooks (2008) The Changing Times of Fulking & Edburton. Chichester: RPM Print & Design, page 77.