Green bins

Green bins
If you have already subscribed then the direct debit will roll over until death. But if you are new to the village, or have finally decided that your carefully curated botanical collection (giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed, New Zealand pigmyweed, rhododendron ponticum, spear thistle and ragwort) has become too large, then you may want to click the MSDC advert above and give them your money.

Parish Council Elections

Parish Council Poster

Substantially revised at 2:15pm 17th March

Bob has already explained where your duty lies. Note that there’s only a couple of weeks from the official announcement to the close of nominations (18th March to 3rd April) and the nominations have to be delivered by hand to the Returning Officer at MSDC in Haywards Heath.

Click the image for the single page flyer. But, if you really want to know all about local councils, then click here (eleven page PDF).

If you plan a nomination, or a proxy vote, then you need to read the Notice of Election sooner rather than later!

Lost keys

Lost keys
I have lost a set of keys including a Chubb door key, with a flat disc on the chain and some car keys. They are likely to be in either the field below the North Town Field, or the big field beyond that. This happened a few days ago.

If anyone has found them please would they email me at

Planning Meeting – Monday 18th March 2018

You are cordially invited to attend the extraordinary meeting of Fulking Parish Council on Monday 18th March 2019 at 8.00pm, at The Village Hall, Fulking for the transaction of the business on the Agenda below. [Note the change of time.]

Miles Firth – Chairman


Public Participation: There will be a period of 15 minutes set aside at the beginning of the meeting for the public to ask questions or make comments on items on the Agenda. Comments on items not appearing on the agenda can be made at the chairman’s discretion.

1. Apologies for Absence.

2. Declaration of Members’ Interests.

3. Approve the Minutes* of the Knole House Planning Meeting. The minutes, subject to any amendments, to be approved and signed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Planning Matters: To comment on planning applications received from South Downs National Park being SDNP/19/00908/HOUS Single storey pool house with games room and shower/changing facilities. Timber framed carport structure at Downside Poynings Road Fulking BN5 9NB

Date of the next Ordinary Meeting: Thursday 11th April 2019 to be held at Fulking Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Trevor Parsons – clerk – 07767 422733

Photography Competition

photo competition
Last year many people entered lovely photos for the downland calendar, and we had a great evening showing over two hundred photos which couldn’t make it into the calendar. The latter, by the way, made £4,500 towards the upkeep of the village hall. This year, while we are not producing a calendar, we would like to invite local people to enter photos of landscapes, people, or local activities. We will then organise a photos, wine and nibbles evening in early December, when the most popular photo will win a prize. To enter your photos, simply send them to

Chris Gildersleeve

Truleigh Hill Landscape Project

Truleigh Hill Landscape Project
A talk by Philip Paulo to Beeding & Bramber Local History Society at 7:45pm on Wednesday 6th March in the Village Hall, Upper Beeding. There is a hard-to-detect car park immediately opposite.

More PR than ‘local history’ but those residents of Edburton and Fulking who have a view of Truleigh Hill may be interested to learn when the antennae are coming down and when the unsightly cold war bunker-bungalow will be hidden by trees. Just kidding.