2012 05 02 PC Minutes

Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council to Accept Internal Audit and Annual Accounts

Meeting held in the FulkingVillage Hall on 2 May 2012 At 8pm

Present:- Ms K Watson (Vice Chairman), Mrs P Rowland, Ms L Dyos,Mr M Trist, Mr B Rowland (Temporary Responsible Finance Officer) and Clerk to the Council Andrea Dickson. Apologies:- Dr D Slavin.

The Annual Accounts were checked and accepted. They will be available for the public to inspect from 25/6/2012 until 20/7/2012, by arrangement with the Clerk or at the ordinary Parish Council meeting on 12 July 2012.

It was agreed that the Fixed Asset list would be an agenda item at the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on 12 July 2012.

The External Audit form was completed and signed. The minute reference on the External Audit form is ONE 2/05/2012.

The accounts were handed over to the Clerk.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm