2012 04 12 PC Minutes

Minutes of the Fulking Parish Council Ordinary Meeting held in the Village Hall, Fulking on Thursday 12 April 2012 at 7.30pm.

Present: Vice Chairman Ms K. Watson, Councillors Ms L. Dyos, Mrs P. Rowland and Mr M. Trist and Temporary Clerk to the Council Mrs Sheena Trist. Nine members of the public were present. Apologies for Absence: Dr D. Slavin.

The minutes of the PC meeting held on 12 January 2012 were approved and signed off.

Lower Kents: Councillors Ms Watson and Mrs Rowland attended the south area planning committee meeting and Mrs Rowland spoke on behalf of the PC objecting to the application. It was approved by Mid Sussex, subject to certain conditions (storage only/no distribution from the site/no increase in hard standing area).

Market Garden: has not been called in by SDNP, but it has been called to committee by Mid Sussex, currently no date due to the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework on 27 March, so certain things now have to be taken into account. The West Sussex Gypsy Liaison Officers were contacted to ask the availability of alternative traveller sites there are no spaces available anywhere in the area. As per correspondence relating to Market Garden, there are 50 traveller families waiting for vacancies in West Sussex and the Hearns are not on the current list. There are no vacancies in East Sussex, with a waiting list of 22 families.

Old Pump House: Mid Sussex are still waiting for a decision from the Planning Inspectorate. Councillors Ms Dyos, Ms Watson and Mrs Rowland, attended an informal meeting at the MSDC Planning offices. Although MSDC were unable to comment on any of the then current applications, they were able to give a general overview of their procedures.

Highways: Speeding in Clappers Lane. Tim Boxhall of WSCC advised that the legal procedures for the speeding signs had not been completed so, in effect, they were not legal. It was agreed to leave things as they are and for Mr Jason Holman to liaise with Mr Neil Cooper as this was part of the village action plan, in order to avoid duplication.

Tim Boxhall also asked the PC to bring to the attention of property owners in Clappers Lane that all verges and banks are the responsibility of the adjoining properties and tree damage is included in this.

Mr Brooks advised that the leak outside PNCC had been repaired by WSCC and the manhole cover outside Brook House had been repaired by BT. The kerb/double drain by the Shepherd and Dog was not scheduled to be done until 2013. The north end of Clappers Lane was due to be resurfaced once the problem of the leak/spring was solved. Mr Brooks had reported the flooding on the corner by Four Acres and was given a reference number of 767594, which should be quoted to Highways when reporting flooding. The PC thanked Mr Brooks for all of the time and work he had put into highway issues.

Chalk run-off from the Bostal had again become a problem during the recent wet weather, Mr Trist advised that he would have a look and see if he could rectify the problem.

Footpath 4df — One verbal objection to the re-routing of this path had been received by the PC. There would now be a consultation period during which time notices would be posted either end of the footpath.

Parish Clerk: Andrea Dickson had been appointed as new Clerk to the Council and Mrs Trist would be doing a handover to her shortly. She had been recruited through SALC and references taken up. The PC thanked Mrs Trist for her help during the intervening period.

Annual Parish Meeting: to be held on 3 May 2012. Representatives from SDNP were invited to attend but had not replied and MSDC Planning declined. The Clerk to ask Claire Tester, Head of MSDC Planning, to talk about the Local Bill and the new PCSO Anika Arnold officer to say a few words as well. A speaker from the EON offshore wind-farm proposal was suggested but it was thought that it would not have sufficient local interest.

Notice Board: The new notice board was now in place and the grant received. A letter of thanks had been sent to Peter Jones.

Ram Pump House: The National Trust had been chased to see when they would be looking at the door. It was on their list of items to do and they would be in touch shortly.

Financial Matters Interim Audit: cheque list and cheque stubs were signed off by Ms Watson and Ms Dyos and Mr Rowland advised that the VAT rebate had been received. The PC thanked Mr Rowland for his help with financial matters whilst a new Clerk was being recruited.

North Town Field: The contract with Foster Playscapes had been terminated and a letter sent to Mark Stepney to thank him for the mowing. Mrs Trist to hand over the RoSPA information to the new Clerk so that the annual inspection could be booked.

Local Plan: The PC were invited by MSDC to submit an outline plan showing potential building sites in the parish in order to help them attain the 10,000 sites they had to find to satisfy the numbers imposed on them by the Government (this was down from the 18,000 originally imposed). Mrs Rowland explained that this was a number crunching exercise and that 11 sites in Fulking had been identified and advised to MSDC. It was extremely unlikely that any of these sites would be built on in the future (being part of the SDNP and AONB) but that if the PC had not submitted sites then the MSDC would have identified their own which was not ideal.

Concessionary Fares: It was agreed that no fare subsidies would be offered by the PC, as in previous years.

AOB: There had been a spate of burglaries from sheds and outbuildings in the area and so Business people were advised to be aware and to warn neighbours.

Dates Next Meetings: 2012 12 July, 11 October. 2013 10 January. With a start time of 7.30pm. Note of new time to be put in Pigeon Post and on the website.

Members of the audience were invited to bring items to the attention of the PC. Work had commenced on the Village Hall and thanks were given to Mr Holden for refurbishing the surface of the floor and to Mrs Robinson for the curtains.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm.

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