Fulking COVID19 Resources

Fulking COVID19 Action Plan
The ‘About Our Village’ menu in the left sidebar of this website has a new menu item: ‘COVID19 Support’. At present it just contains a two page PDF (‘Fulking COVID19 Action Plan’) drafted by the Parish Council. However, it is intended to include other relevant material as it becomes available.

Local defibrillators

Defibrillator in Fulking Village Hall
You probably know where the Fulking defibrillator is. And that may be all you need to know — if you never leave the village. You may even know where one of the Poynings defibrillators can be found. But what about Upper Beeding? Could you locate that one in a hurry? Small Dole? Does Bramber even have one? And Steyning — it must have some — but where are they? The answers can now be found on our new Local Defibrillators web page (linked under ‘About Our Village’ in the left sidebar menu). There is also a PDF version for you to print out and keep in the car.

Thirty year anniversary: A Walk .. restored

A Walk Down The Village Street In Fulking
Villagers who arrived in Fulking too late to visit the shop can now help themselves to a free PDF copy of Stuart Milner’s sixteen page pamphlet A Walk Down The Village Street In Fulking thirty years after it originally went on sale there. If you ever have house guests that you don’t know what to do with, then cramming a paper copy into their hands should keep them out of your kitchen for at least an hour. The corresponding web page has also been rejuvenated and now has links to other relevant historical material on the website. Click on the map above for all the details.

[Thanks to Gill Milner, Clive Goodridge and Tony Brooks for their help with this restoration project.]

Local property page

Fulking Property Pr0n
The website now has a reference page devoted to local property. To take a look, click the collage above or look for the relevant item in the ‘About Our Village’ menu at the top of the left sidebar. If you notice errors or omissions, please send the details to the webmaster.

Trilby required

Trilby required
The Argus is looking for ‘community correspondents’:

They must have a detailed knowledge of their neighbourhood, be in tune with local events and be able to write concisely, accurately and fairly. We will be asking them to bring us news items, stories that matter and will interest their neighbourhood. It could be a community event, a hero who deserves recognition or an issue that is the talk of your neighbourhood. We know that parking, speed limits, crime and education are always hot topics. So they could help us to tell those stories from their local area. The stories do not have to be bad news. In fact, we would prefer if they weren’t. We are always looking for positive stories, tales of success and achievement. We are also interested in brightening up the day with funny quirky tales. We don’t mind as long as they are local.

If that sounds like you, contact Lucy Pearce, Head of Content, via news@theargus.co.uk. And, if she turns you down, well, never mind: you can always offer your stories to the Fulking website.

One thousand posts

Setting wood fence posts
This is the 1,000th post published since the new Fulking website went live nearly three years ago. Of these, five hundred have appeared since mid-February this year.

The individual responsible for the majority of these posts is relinquishing his ‘news editor’ role at the end of December and returning to his primary duties as local history editor, much neglected of late. Pigeon Post type news, which is typically strictly local to Fulking, is now in the capable hands of PP‘s new editor. But the website has been covering much else besides: the National Park, local jobs, property for sale or rent, planning issues, Mayfield, the South Downs Way, the Rampion trench, Woods Mill events, the local National Trust, the neighbouring villages, and the state of the nearby trunk roads, inter alia. Thus we have a vacancy (or two). If you think you might be interested in taking some of this on, get in touch. No great technical expertise is required and the existing website team will be happy to provide tutorials, mentoring, whatever, as appropriate.