One thousand posts

Setting wood fence posts
This is the 1,000th post published since the new Fulking website went live nearly three years ago. Of these, five hundred have appeared since mid-February this year.

The individual responsible for the majority of these posts is relinquishing his ‘news editor’ role at the end of December and returning to his primary duties as local history editor, much neglected of late. Pigeon Post type news, which is typically strictly local to Fulking, is now in the capable hands of PP‘s new editor. But the website has been covering much else besides: the National Park, local jobs, property for sale or rent, planning issues, Mayfield, the South Downs Way, the Rampion trench, Woods Mill events, the local National Trust, the neighbouring villages, and the state of the nearby trunk roads, inter alia. Thus we have a vacancy (or two). If you think you might be interested in taking some of this on, get in touch. No great technical expertise is required and the existing website team will be happy to provide tutorials, mentoring, whatever, as appropriate.


Current Calendar PDF

Current Calendar PDF
Pigeon Post now features a calendar for the relevant month on page one. But items are added to the calendar constantly so, by the middle of the month, there may well be events listed that never made it to the copy of PP that you blue-tacked to your fridge door. We have thus added a button to the the right sidebar, immediately under the Filofax calendar icon, that will allow you to download an up-to-the-minute printable PDF of the current month’s calendar whenever you wish.

Pigeon rehomed

Pigeon Post rehomed at
Found in Clappers Lane, apparently en route to Knole House, and immediately adopted by the team from the website.

The new Pigeon will consist of two sides of A4 and be based on the website. It will appear on the first of each month. One side will consist of the calendar/diary of events for that month. We will depend on you to tell us about all the things that need to be included. Telepathy is insufficient. The other side will contain (i) routine Fulking items that pertain to the coming month — church and parish council matters, social committee matters, etc., and (ii) text contributed by readers — letters, rants, pleas, anything legal. Just send it in to the email address in the banner above. All Pigeon Post material will also appear on the website.

Village Action Plan Group Meeting

yourvillageneedsyouThe annual meeting of the Village Action Plan group is on Thursday 28th August 2014 at 7.30pm in the village hall.

The latest version of the plan can be found here on the website under ‘About Our Village’ or by clicking here.

Please do come along if you have any suggestions or additions for updating the plan that you think would benefit the future of the village.

Secretary, Village Action Plan Group

Fulking Parish Council – Budget 2014-2015

Fulking Parish Council set a budget of £7,303 for the current financial year at its meeting on 10th October 2013.

Parish Council budget covers items such as the grass cutting & maintenance of the playground at NTF, street lighting and repairs, public liability insurance, website hosting, cost of audits, subscriptions to local societies, as well as additional training for Councillors & Clerk and the Clerk’s salary.

The budget has remained the same as last year.

A full copy of the budget is available here.

Andrea Dickson
Clerk to Fulking Parish Council

Changes to the website

recursive screenshot of
There are three main changes:

  • The calendar widget in the right sidebar has been removed and replaced with a large icon. If you click the icon you get to see the current month displayed in the central section of the page. The calendar widget was not working well with phones and tablets.
  • The various search options have been put together at the top of the left sidebar. Ordinary (Google-style) keyword search may not always deliver what you want or expect on Category search will sometimes provide you with a better result.
  • We have introduced a permanent slot for local adverts at the top of the right sidebar. The contents at any given time will be determined by importance and urgency. Thus you may see ‘Fulking Fair’ there for a week or two (it’s important), then something alerting you to an emergency closure of Clappers Lane (that’s urgent), then back to ‘Fulking Fair’ for a while.