Changes to the website

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There are three main changes:

  • The calendar widget in the right sidebar has been removed and replaced with a large icon. If you click the icon you get to see the current month displayed in the central section of the page. The calendar widget was not working well with phones and tablets.
  • The various search options have been put together at the top of the left sidebar. Ordinary (Google-style) keyword search may not always deliver what you want or expect on Category search will sometimes provide you with a better result.
  • We have introduced a permanent slot for local adverts at the top of the right sidebar. The contents at any given time will be determined by importance and urgency. Thus you may see ‘Fulking Fair’ there for a week or two (it’s important), then something alerting you to an emergency closure of Clappers Lane (that’s urgent), then back to ‘Fulking Fair’ for a while.