Bobservation No. 104: No Election, No Mow

image of un=mown lawn
No Mow May
On Monday 1 May ‘No Mow May’ will commence. This wonderful idea created by ‘Plantlife’ seeks to get us all through the month of May without mowing our grass. Of course, unless you are rewilding 100%, it is allowable to create mowed paths which will enable Robins and Blackbirds to source insects. Otherwise it will free the wildflowers so they can grow wild, provide a feast for pollinators and lock away atmospheric carbon below ground. Now this all sounds very easy but most British gardeners have been brought up with a ‘cricket pitch’ mentality, this encourages large swathes of beautifully geometrically mown green lawn to delight the eye; you must resist this archaic attitude and think of saving the planet from climate change. Beware of marriage destroying arguments! And remember there are no weeds only wildflowers growing in the wrong place!

Parish Council Elections
So it turns out that there is such a lack of interest in standing for election to the Parish Council in Fulking that there was no need to hold an election at all! I believe this means that Fulking continues to have a Parish Council of five unelected members and as vacancies occur villagers will be co-opted by invitation from the currently unelected but co-opted members. I think it is a great disappointment that current villagers are missing the chance to exercise their right to choose who they wish to represent them at the base of the whole democratic process. Of course, ideally, what should happen is that the whole Parish council should have to be re-elected individually at the end of each four year term, but alas such is not the case. I hasten to say this is in no way a criticism of the existing Parish Council.