Bobservation No. 107: Gill Milner RIP

Gill Milner
Another passing away of a much loved villager. Gill had lived at the Old Post Office for many years and had operated the shop there in the days when Fulking had a shop! More recently her health had made it necessary for her to join family in Sheffield but before going she had become a stalwart of the Toddlers Group and a highly respected member of the Quotations Group. The last couple of years have been sad ones with villagers passing away. We will miss you Gill.

Fulking Fair 2023
Having moved the fair to a new location at Long Clays field on the Edburton Road it was always going to be very much a trial and error year.  Driven by Sally’s tremendous enthusiasm and with dedicated support from the rest of the committee, a very acceptable fair evolved. The weather stayed dry, but the wind gave rise to quite a few problems and, it is fair to say, did have a detrimental effect on the event as many as one in three stallholders crying off. Despite all this the fair was a success. The food, drinks, music, demonstrations, tombola, tug of war, children’s games, stalls, donations, parking, access, direction signs all worked very well. And to top it all, Ann Bolton of RSPCA reports that they had a most successful day. Wherever the fair is held it will always be dependant on good summer weather and so I was left with the impression that Long Clays is worth another go in 2024, but with strict control over the placement of stalls and demonstrations. The annual fair brings villagers together better than any other event and justifies the effort purely on social grounds. Early unconfirmed reports indicate a surplus of around £1000 on the day. One special thank you to the Steel Tribe Band for putting on such a foot stomping performance, please come back next year.