Bobservation No. 108: Village Hall

Whilst the possible purchase of the village hall from the Church is being discussed by the Parish Council, it is relevant to point out that, whatever happens, the annual costs of running the hall including maintenance and repairs will continue to increase because of the age of the building and, I guess, will be upwards of £3000 pa. in the immediate future. On current performance it will be difficult to raise this sort of money (this year’s fair raised between £800 and £900, some of which may be needed for the North Town Field). So far as I can see there is no easy answer to this and without a generous donor it will be difficult to continue.  Perhaps a way forward is to ask the Parish Council to look into whether it is possible for them to take on the expense of running the hall with an increase in the precept, in this way all villagers would share the cost. It might be a sensible path to take.