Bobservation No. 109: Volunteering & Good Wishes

Purple and Green banner clip from Volunteering matters website at an angle

In the time I have been involved with and in love with Fulking, which is now 31 years, I have noticed a big change in the overall attitude of the village (strictly speaking I believe hamlet is possibly the correct description), however I digress. Nearly everyone, irrespective of wealth, used to get involved with village activities such as the Parish Council, the Xmas party, the fair, the social committee, the village tidy up and holding events in and maintaining the village hall and the North Town Field; now it is down to a few enthusiasts to work up a head of steam to achieve anything.

From time to time, we have had great motivators like Nick & Jill and Dave & Em at the Shepherd & Dog and a few others. Now days there is a handful of enthusiasts desperately trying to instil some life into what, I fear, may be a dying beast. Perhaps Fulking, by virtue of its seclusion, has become a very attractive property investment area which has brought in a completely different attitude to village life. I do appreciate that there is a small core who continue to promote village togetherness but they find it harder and harder to get volunteers!

If anyone reads this and thinks I have a good point please start by finding out the date of the next Parish Council meeting and making an effort to attend and understand what Fulking is all about. Thanks..

Good Wishes
Two of my and Fulking’s very good friends, Chris Gildersleeve and Clive Miller have had serious medical treatment recently and things have been very hard for them. This is to wish them a return to their usual good-hearted ways as soon as possible.