Bobservation No. 13

Image of Village - sliced upHomes & The Homeless

With the coming of November, we are getting well into winter and could possibly spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves who are without a roof over their heads.

Many properties in Britain remain unoccupied for various reasons; perhaps the owner lives elsewhere abroad for all or most of the year, or possibly it suits them to retain a property empty for investment purposes.

Whatever the reason, and I believe there may be such properties in this village, it would be nice if they could spare a thought for the disadvantaged and offer the accommodation to homeless citizens or, dare I suggest it, refugees.

While on the subject, it is a thought that a mandatory charge of double or triple Council Tax could be rendered on vacant properties as an incentive to the owners to put them to use. Perhaps the foreign investment in property, mostly in London, would be less attractive and it might solve some of the housing problems in the capital.