Bobservation No 5

FPC3 - Bobservation 5Parish Councillors

Elections for Parish councillors will be held, at the end of the four year term, on May 7th this year.

Parish councils are a chance for villagers to express their opinion on local matters through their elected representatives. The Parish Council has no political allegiance.

Fulking Parish Council normally has five councillors, which is the number expected to be elected next May and, so long as only five villagers put their names forward for election, they will become the Parish Council. If more than five villagers put their names forward there will be a ballot on the same day as the Parliamentary election. The councillors then elected will appoint a Chair and a Vice Chair of the Parish Council. Parish councillors are unpaid but the Parish Clerk who is appointed by the Parish Council is a paid employee. On the occasion of this election we will have a new Parish Clerk, Derek Blackhall, and the current Parish Clerk, Andrea Dickson, will be leaving us to take up another post.
Although very frustrating at times, the rewards are being involved with the democratic process at its primary level, learning a great deal about Fulking, getting to know many villagers, and deciding what is in the best interest of the parish. In my experience you will make many friends as well as a few enemies but the satisfaction is very real.
I do encourage you to think about it seriously. Nominations need to be made between  March 30 and April 9 and details of how to apply will be on the village web-site.

Fulking deserves to be served by a sensible, dedicated Parish Council.

If you choose to stand you will not regret it.