Bobservation No. 113: Badgering the Post Office

Badger Cull
You may be unaware that the badger cull in England is proceeding without any proof that it is effective in reducing TB in cattle, whereas vaccination is successful. I do exhort you in any way to protest this wicked and cruel way of eliminating our largest native wild mammal. I am currently protesting via AVAAZ but you will have your own method.

Post Office Scandal
It should come as a salutary lesson to all of us that, in spite of living in a democracy, if a government or government agency wishes it can inflict grossly unfair treatment on any individual or group of individuals it cares to. Such is what has happened to the 900 or so Sub-postmasters over the last twenty odd years and is still not resolved in a fair and appropriate fashion. Whilst remaining apolitical, I would encourage you, when given the chance to cast your vote in a General Election, to consider yourself in the position of a post office sub-postmaster, and decide who you would want representing you in Parliament.

Not only this scandal has been with us but some immigrants involved with the Windrush situation are still waiting for a just and financially sensible solution to the appalling way in which they have been treated. I like to think that the racial inequalities of the past are long gone but Windrush smells of prejudice. All of the three main political parties have, over the course of time, been in a position of power during both of these miscarriages of justice and all three need to get them sorted quickly before we put our ballot in the box later this year.