Bobservation No. 56: Elections

Local elections are upon us and on the Parish level the stepping down of Michael Trist created a vacancy which has been filled by the only villager to put their name forward, Samantha Leader. Many thanks to him for his ‘stint’ and best wishes to her. At the District Council election, being held on Next Thursday the 2nd of May, politics, fortunately absent from Parish elections, come into play but I would ask you in considering your choice of three district councillors to support the nomination of Councillor Colin Trumble who has been a very good friend to Fulking and attends our parish council meetings whenever he possibly can. Rest assured I am not recommending this because I agree with his politics, I don’t, but because I believe it is in the best interests of Fulking.

Fulking Fair Update
This year’s fair will be held without the sponsoring of the marquee by the Shepherd & Dog, because the business is up for sale and sadly we shall be losing David and Emily who have put so much work into creating such a splendid village pub. However, these things happen, and the fair will continue to be the best village fair in Sussex! Preliminary details are already on the village website. Big news is that Toby Peirce and his excellent Quaff Wine outfit will be rejoining us for the Call my Bluff on Friday 26 July.

Parish Council Elections

Parish Council Poster

Substantially revised at 2:15pm 17th March

Bob has already explained where your duty lies. Note that there’s only a couple of weeks from the official announcement to the close of nominations (18th March to 3rd April) and the nominations have to be delivered by hand to the Returning Officer at MSDC in Haywards Heath.

Click the image for the single page flyer. But, if you really want to know all about local councils, then click here (eleven page PDF).

If you plan a nomination, or a proxy vote, then you need to read the Notice of Election sooner rather than later!

Bobservation 54: Parish Council Elections

Parish Council Recruitment Poster
At the risk of repeating myself, Councils represent the base of democracy in our country rising from Parish to District to County and thence to Parliament. Elections are held at Parish level every four years and the next election for five councillors is due this May. It has always been a hard task getting villagers to stick their necks out in offering to stand for election, which is unpaid. Accordingly I am encouraging all villagers, who have not already done their bit as Parish Councillors, to give serious consideration to standing this May. There is some, not great, demand on your time; four quarterly meetings, an annual one and an occasional planning meeting but the rewards in getting to know villagers and more about the village are great. You do not have to be particularly clever or intellectual but it is essential that you care about protecting Fulking. I urge you to consider standing, you will not regret it. I still value the experience.