Bobservation 54: Parish Council Elections

Parish Council Recruitment Poster
At the risk of repeating myself, Councils represent the base of democracy in our country rising from Parish to District to County and thence to Parliament. Elections are held at Parish level every four years and the next election for five councillors is due this May. It has always been a hard task getting villagers to stick their necks out in offering to stand for election, which is unpaid. Accordingly I am encouraging all villagers, who have not already done their bit as Parish Councillors, to give serious consideration to standing this May. There is some, not great, demand on your time; four quarterly meetings, an annual one and an occasional planning meeting but the rewards in getting to know villagers and more about the village are great. You do not have to be particularly clever or intellectual but it is essential that you care about protecting Fulking. I urge you to consider standing, you will not regret it. I still value the experience.