Changing numberplates

Silver Audi A3
Please look out for a silver Audi A3 and/or a blue Ford Mondeo acting suspiciously.

A gang of burglars have attacked 40+ houses between 15:00 and midnight, across Mid-Sussex (mainly), East Sussex and Surrey, on 14 dates in October and November. They use lockup garages to store these cars (with no numberplates). They then steal numberplates from cars with the correct model/colours, use the stolen numberplates, commit burglaries, ditch the stolen numberplates, and hide the unmarked cars to use again.

If you see such a car that seems to have changed its numberplates, or your car has lost its numberplates, please phone Police on 101 (the non-emergency number). Or if you find dumped numberplates. If you think you’re seeing a burglary in progress, or about to happen, phone 999.

Oh — and there’s a £10,000 reward for a tip that leads to a successful conviction…

Richard Corner [219]