Mayfield writes to MSDC

Structural plan of a new garden cityMayfield makes pledges:

  • We undertake not to pre-empt the outcome of the Local Plan Process with a premature application or appeal.
  • We undertake to accept the housing need conclusions at the completion of the four local plans; if more homes than presently planned for are not needed, we will withdraw our proposals.
  • We undertake that even if the adopted local plans do identify the need for more homes than presently planned for, we will not apply for permission (or appeal) if additional locations excluding Mayfields are identified in the adopted Local Plans to meet these additional housing needs.

LAMBS responds:

To now speak of grandiose ‘pledges’ is frankly laughable. This is nothing more than a PR stunt to salvage some semblance of credibility for what is clearly a wholly unwanted, unsustainable and destructive proposal in the depths of our beautiful, unspoilt Sussex countryside. As for promising not to pre-empt the planning process – who are they kidding after spending the past two years trying to derail all four local plans? The most worrying message here is that they have ‘pledged’ to hang around tormenting our communities until all four plans are complete – which could be some time. This is more of a threat than a ‘pledge’ really.