Sussex Police Crime Prevention Advice

neighbourhood watch logoSussex Police are investigating a number of mainly overnight burglaries where homes have been broken into so that keys to the homeowner’s cars can be taken and the vehicle stolen.

The purpose of these burglaries is to ultimately steal the car.

Simple things can be done to prevent a home and vehicle being targeted, such as:

  • Make sure your home is secure and doors are locked
  • UPVC doors need to be double locked to ensure security
  • If you have a garage place your vehicle in it overnight. Make sure the garage is locked
  • Take the car keys and other small valuable items i.e. handbags, phones upstairs at night
  • Don’t leave the car keys in an ‘obvious place’
  • Set any house alarm
  • Consider fitting a ‘tracker’ to your car. Some second hand cars still have them fitted already. See if yours has
  • Use security lights outside the house
  • Don’t leave important documents or valuables in any car

Most burglars are lazy and will move on if it looks too difficult for them.


Please call Sussex Police on 101 or crime stoppers if you have any information or need further advice.

If you see persons acting suspiciously in your area during the early hours please call Sussex Police immediately.

PCSO Jayne Milne
Haywards Heath Neighbourhood Policing Team

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